May 26

From the infamous father who stuck his kid in a hot air balloon to Jesse James, who is probably a baby daddy to many, how come these men get to be fathers?

Father of the Year definitely does not go to…

From Macaroni to Murder

Former host of the Food Network television show, Calorie Commando, chef has been charged with allegedly attempting to murder his wife. The reason? Infertility! After years of depression due to infertility, Cruz allegedly arranged a murder-suicide pact with his wife, Jennifer, to end her life. According to reports, Cruz allegedly hired two homeless men to help kill his wife because he couldn’t stand seeing her in such emotional pain from their infertility issues. It’s kind of sad, really, that Cruz didn’t end up procreating because it seems like he would have been such an emotionally stable and doting father.

Balloon Boy Daddy

We all remember , the father who fooled the media by claiming his six year old son was trapped in a hot air balloon. Turns out the now infamous balloon boy was at home hiding while his parents were seeking fame and fortune. Balloon boy daddy and mommy got into big trouble for their lack of parenting skills; and their son is probably wondering if he’ll ever live down that nickname.

I’m sure that’s the least of his problems with parents like that.

Bad Hollywood Dad

Newly single mom won’t be giving any ‘Father of the Year’ awards to her cheatin’ spouse, Jesse James. After four years of trying to adopt a baby, Sandra and Jesse finally welcomed baby Louis into their lives. You know what else they welcomed….

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