May 31

Sure. It seemed like a great idea at the time. I’ll just take an early pregnancy test and then I can surprise my husband/partner with the great news.

Sure, go ahead and take a pregnancy test early but you will be kicking yourself as soon as you see that negative line. You decide to test early – maybe it’s been only 4 days past ovulation but you suddenly think that it’s a great idea to test. After all, you rationalize that the test will either be negative because it’s too early or you might even see a faint line. Maybe you don’t even test properly – peeing on the stick in the middle of the day (instead of first thing in the morning) or urinating directly on the pregnancy strip instead of placing it in a pee cup, like the instructions say. In either case, if you get a negative pregnancy test, it still leads to disappointment.

So don’t test early. Don’t test early because you want to surprise your partner on his b-day, your anniversary, National Rib-Fest Day or Pizza Delivery Man Appreciation Day.

FACTS: #1. Peeing on the stick 1 day past ovulation will not give you a positive result. #2. Trying to squint your eyes in order to see the second line, will only make you cross-eyed. #3. You just wasted $20.00 on a pregnancy test that could have been put towards alcohol.

Listen, if you’re desperate to pee on something, go find yourself a nice bush instead. Testing early on your “down there” curly is way too girly. So stop it.

8 Responses to “#753 Testing early – Don’t do it!”

  1. HollyT says:

    The wisest advice anyone could ever give. Of course, I wish I’d read this before POAS this morning, but I’ll keep it in mind for next time.

  2. says:

    I am a strong believer in not POAS especially before a beta. Besides, if you have a beta coming up, wouldn’t you rather hear “Negative” just one time rather than POAS, seeing a BFN and then still having to do the beta to confirm it? This was always my logic, LOL. And if it’s a BFP, well, you can hear it and the level before you go running to tell hubby the great news.

  3. says:

    I’m a non-tester too, why should I bother when AF is so very punctual?? I already know for free every month that I’m not knocked up! And you’re right, I need that $20 for booze!

  4. Li says:

    I am like Kitty. Why bother when AF shows up on schedule?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I *WISH* my AF would show up on schedule each month to let me know.. I am already on CD 48 this time.. my last 2 previous cycles were 64 days long and 42 days long :(

  6. says:

    Lucky me, I don’t test for the simple (ok not so simple) fact that I can’t get a positive test or a positive blood test even when pregnant. Doctors have no idea why I can’t. So if af doesn’t show and I ovulated (I get progesterone blood draws at 7dpo) I have to go in for an ultrasound around 1-2 weeks late.

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  8. amandah says:

    “if you’re desperate to pee on something, go find yourself a nice bush instead.”

    oh my goodness. im literally in tears from laughing. thank you!