Apr 14

Maybe you were never great at math but you are a freaken’ mathematical genius! You have finally cracked the code of how to get pregnant. 

The Fertility Equation

If two negatives equal a positive then what do you do if you’ve seen 24+ negatives?

(negative + negative) = positive

24 negative (months) + 24 emotional breakdowns + (808 tears shed + 8,000 rolls of toilet paper used) – 2 (faint positives that were really) 2 negatives x 24 menstrual cycles = negative + positive

=2010 – 2008/ 24 (week waits) = 2 years…

And if (eating a lot of) pie equals MC (miscarriage) squared and if the Pythagorean Theorem a+b=c squared measures the law of gravity (of conceiving) and gives you the linear way (of doing it) then the variable principle of (fluids + sperm) /2 eggs x stork equals a fundamental theorem that you WILL be pregnant in….2010!!!

Someone give you an infertile mathematics award! You just unlocked the equation that solved the infertility mystery!

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  2. Jes Cady says:

    BRILLIANT! You should expect to at least be nominated for a Pulitzer for this mathematical marvel. Great work!

  3. Sherry says:

    Two thumbs up.

  4. says:

    I’ll have to give this to my students as a pop quiz in Math lol j/k