Dec 22

You see (or glare) at a pregnant woman but did she get pregnant the natural way or is she an IVF mommy? Here are some ways to tell if she is ‘one of us.’

  1. Her pregnant belly is shaped like a test tube.
  2. At a restaurant, instead of a BLT sandwich, she orders a BBT.
  3. At the dentist, she will automatically put her feet in stirrups.
  4. She doesn’t announce her pregnancy until she’s 7 months pregnant.
  5. She wears a t-shirt that says “Stop glaring at my belly. I’m one of you.”
  6. She has sex with her husband minutes after giving birth so she can start trying for baby number 2.
  7. She refers to her future children as her ‘freezer babies.’
  8. She calls her 10th week of pregnant as ‘day 70.’
  9. She can tell you the exact date, time and location she conceived her child.
  10. She has NO money left.

14 Responses to “#832 Ways to spot the IVF mom”

  1. Erin says:

    I love #8! That will totally be me…someday…

  2. Trinity says:

    Hilarious. :)Thanks for the chuckle. Happy Holidays!

  3. amorsalado says:

    #4: At this point my husband and I have decided to wait until after the child is born to announce. Doesn't matter how long we've waited, we still don't have a baby to show for it, so best bet is to have the kid and then tell everyone s/he exists! Now we just have to get that far.

    Also, I call them my snow babies or my totsicles.

  4. callmemama says:

    Hilarious! cd70 had me LOL :)

  5. Jendometriosis says:

    LOL…that's great…I love number 4

  6. Baby On Mind says:

    Ha ha… that will be me someday, hopefully in 2010!

  7. Busted Kate says:

    Ha! I love it. Right on the money… or rather, right on the *lack* of money…

  8. Roxanna says:

    That made me laugh and cry all at once LOL

  9. Once Upon A Time says:

    #5… I want one of those shirts… I used to glare, now I want a sign so that no one glares at me.

  10. Shanny says:

    I want one of those shirts too!!! Where do I order one?

  11. Elissa says:

    I love #6. And the other one about telling people is true too. I'm finally telling people this week–now that I'm 5 months

  12. BlackAngel says:

    LoL!! I'm not IVF (Yet), but I am in the first stages of ttc. And one of the ways to tell YOU'RE infertile/IVF/Clomid- WHATEVER is… On your non fertile days or before you get you prescription/ new prescription, you see sex as pointless cause it's not "baby making sex". :p Yeah, I'm there….


  13. IF Crossroads says:

    Someone got me a shirt that said "My Dr. knocked me up" and I've contemplated wearing it …

  14. Kansas says:

    lmao, Priceless!