Dec 24

It’s another New Years Eve, and you hoped and prayed that this year you would have a baby or at least be pregnant. Instead, you plan to ring in the New Year with a bag of potato chips and a bottle of vodka, for one. But who would want to have a boring 2009 pregnancy anyways? Yawn. Snore. 2009 brought the world the recession, the H1N1 pandemic and the death of Michael Jackson. Who could be pregnant during such negativity anyways? 2010 is filled with renewed hope and strength that you are stronger and can get through anything. 2010 brings better looking babies, smarter children and toddlers that will change the world. 2010 is YOUR year!

Your 2010 New Years Resolutions:

  • To cry and obsess about infertility more often. You should take the time to cry in different public places.
  • To buy toilet paper in bulk so you can inspect the TP more frequently without worrying about running out.
  • Be environmentally conscious. Re-use pregnancy tests for other uses including donating them to the arts & craft departments at your local schools or giving them to less fortune knocked up teenagers.

Crying about infertility is so 2009. Happy New Year!

7 Responses to “#829 New Years Resolutions, Infertile Style”

  1. Erin says:

    I agree. 2009 would have been a lame year to get pregnant!

    I'm all about finding ways to re-use pregnancy tests. :)

  2. Suzy says:

    Here is to a fertile 2010!

  3. Claire says:

    My beta is on new year's eve…the night can only go one of two ways!

  4. egghunt says:

    i'm so pleased to hear that I am up with the modern trends by NOT getting pregnant in 2009!!! It feels so cool to be unpregnant right now.

  5. Busted Kate says:

    True, true, and hell yeah! 2009 is soooo 2009. 2010 is the year of Awesome.

  6. Baby On Mind says:

    Yeah, 2010 is THE year. Can't wait!

  7. Kansas says:

    I'm going to try to start smoking and become an alcoholic in 2010. If I can't get KU I might as well enjoy myself, lol.