Nov 10

You may have a dislike for pregnant bellies but you sure do love those babies!

Mom alert ahead….She’s pushing a stroller….She walks by you….(Wait for it)…. It’s time for you to look at that baby….You turn around to get a glimpse of that baby….You smile and think how cute that baby is….Then you feel sad…Where is your baby?

Two moms ahead, pushing identical strollers….Smaller strollers which means potential newborns….You’re dying to look in….They pass by you….Turn your head to look….So cute, fresh out the womb….You wish one was yours.

It’s worse when you’re with your spouse. You both will check out the baby, then look sadly at each other. Cute baby. You think to yourself. Am I ever going to get pregnant? If only you felt the same dislike for babies as you do for pregnant women. A pregnant woman walks by and she can feel the cold glare of your eyes and the bitter breeze of your stare but a baby goes by and you can’t help but smile. Tears fill your eyes with love. Maybe next time you see a stroller coming, you should tell that woman she has a beautiful baby and she was so lucky that she was able to conceive. Then ask her politely if you could just have her baby.

Why is it wrong to steal a baby again?

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7 Responses to “#856 The "here-comes-a-stroller-let-me-look-at-that-baby" look”

  1. Noelle says:

    I love that! Asking her if I could just have her baby!

    I stare coldly at pregnant women too :(

  2. Mrs. Rabbit says:

    Ha! Too funny!

  3. Claire says:

    I pass so many strollers when I walk in my neighborhood and now I've noticed a high number of twins! I always wonder if they were natural or from treatments. Do you think I could ask? You know, like when you complement someone’s hair and ask where they get it cut. I could say, "your babies are so precious, how did you conceive them?"

  4. Lisa says:

    I think about asking pregnant women all the time if they plan on keeping their baby. And then I realize that that is probably not a great question to ask people. Might freak them out a little bit…but you never know, one time someone might be interested… :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Oh, God. I have the terrible urge to ask people how on earth did they get pregnant and would they please tell me what the secret is? I imagine myself shaking them, begging them for the secret and then someone having to drag me, obsessed, off them! Just tell me what to do and I'll do it!

  6. scandinavian endo girl, only-aunti? says:

    The other day I saw a pragnant lady with 3 kids, she looked really tired. I almost offered tok take care of the baby to come, because she obviosly had enough to do all ready..

  7. says:

    My husband is always joking about me stealing a baby – if I say a kid is cute he asks if they’re cute enough!
    ….. and then we go home and eat chocolate.