Nov 11

“Hey little Bobby. Is that your grandma?”
“No. That’s my mommy. She’s 80 years old.”

Years back, you planned out your life. Married in your twenties, baby before thirty and second baby a year later. At this rate, you will be close to menopause by the time you give birth to your first child. Thought you wanted to be a young mommy? Think again. By the time you get pregnant, your eggs will be close to drying up, your hair will be completely gray and you will start to use a walker and cane to move around. When your child starts school, you could be close to 70 years old, elementary school graduation 80 years, on their wedding day maybe pushing 100. You would offer to take your kid to their first birthday party but your Arthritis and Osteoporosis are acting up. If only you could still drive them to school but your eye site has failed and you are becoming too senior to drive a car.

“Why does your mommy get out of breath when we play tag, Billy?”
“Why does your mommy wear dentures?”
“Why does your mommy pass gas so loudly, Suzie?”
“Why does your mommy take more naps than you, Sammy?”
“My mommy said your mommy shouldn’t have had a baby at 65.”

Interested in having great-children? Unless you plan to live to 150, good luck with that!

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4 Responses to “#855 You’ll be one old mama”

  1. Pregnant Yuppy says:

    Hopefully my retirement fund will be enough of an inheritance so that baby will be able to afford college! That is if I haven't spent it all already on fertility treatments!

  2. Eileen says:

    I hope the retirement village allows child residents. I better check into that ;-).

  3. jenicini says:

    Lol…hey they did knock up a 60 year old!

  4. Rachel says:

    Oh gee thanks for making me feel better! We won't need a stroller. They can just sit in our lap and roll around in our wheelchair.