Oct 30

For a (fertile) woman, she gets pregnant, joins the expectant mothers club, then the baby club.

So what club do you fit into?

You want to join the expectant mommies club but do you really fit in there? These are the glowing mothers who go to prenatal yoga and put pictures of their growing bellies on Facebook. Then baby arrives and they are off to baby fitness and mothers coffee outings. Your pregnancy will be a bit different. When you get pregnant, you might not want to brag about your pregnancies to others in fear that they are infertile. You are more sensitive and feel more protective about your pregnancy.

You belong to “The infertiles mothers club,” and it feels awesome!

Infertile mothers all wear t-shirts that say “Proud IVF Mother” and use words like “IUI, follicles and test tubes.” You attend IUI yoga and Clomid aqua aerobics. Your only Facebook pictures are that of test tubes and your husband’s first semen analysis. When baby arrives, you talk freely about ovulation instead of breast feeding in your social groups and sign up for the baby and mommy “It took me 65 months to conceive you” classes.

You do fit in and it’s a wonderful, special group filled with other amazing infertile mommies.

7 Responses to “#863 Where do you fit in?”

  1. Wait, What? says:

    This is so true! When it finally happens for me, I expect to be so cautious and quiet about my pregnancy. No facebook pics for me! I'll be proud to be in this sub group of mommies.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I truly hope to one day be a member.

  3. armyadamsgirl says:

    i am now pregnant it took 72 months… i have yet to post my pregnancy on facebook. i dont want to make someone else feel bad for being infertile.

    i will be a member of the sub group…

  4. Laura says:

    I am expecting to join this club in January 2010 – and no one but my online fellow infertiles will know about my pregnancy right away – and even then, it's gonna be low key. We're a special and tight group, and we're ladies who know how to treat each other with respect – and what great moms we will all be! :-)

  5. Anonymous says:

    What a sweet post. To you infertiles who are now pregnant — I have only joy in my heart for you. You truly deserve every happiness. I just felt what might be implantation pain — here's to hope!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    What about the ones who have sterile husbands…thus they don't do ANY of the procedures, tests, IVF's, yet don't get pregnant either?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I've always wondered where those of us who don't end up having children fit in. Because it's not like we were in the "I don't want to have children" category and we obviously don't fit in with the moms. Even the other infertiles have moved on to another sub-group.
    I guess we are just destined to float around for the rest of our lives always wondering where our place is. Sigh.