Sep 08

Milk expires, yogurt expires, mayonnaise expires. Do you know what else expires? Your ovulation predictor kit and pregnancy tests!

Now, you could argue that you go through these tests so often that they will never reach its expiration date. But what happens if you need an emergency one and find an old test in the back of your closet?

“Best used by September 2002.

Uh Oh! Should you use it? It is an emergency, after all. You use the expired test and guess what? It’s negative (big shocker there). You are now forced to buy another one, just in case the test was wrong. Be honest. You probably have over 100 OPK tests in your house (and a few in your purse) and never fully realized that there is an expiratory date on the back of some kits. Check your expiration dates now because you could be using an old test! Just super. Another thing to worry about. Did that test actually work or was it past its peak? Maybe if you put them in your fridge they will stay fresher longer?

So what should you do with those expired tests? Here are some great suggestions:

  1. Use them as a stir stick in your decaf coffee.
  2. Use them as a spoon to stir your homemade soup.
  3. Use them as a baseball bat, and try to hit another infertile in the waiting room with a folic acid pill.
  4. Return them to the store claiming that your “cervical fluid was incompatible with the tests.” No 16 year old cashier will dispute that.

Eggs expire too but we all know that.

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8 Responses to “#899 You would still use an expired pregnancy test”

  1. finding_ac says:

    i think that is quite the idea hitting the infertile with a peestick bat and folic acid pill

    ♥ ac

  2. Pregnant Yuppy says:

    I have 15 HPTs (of various types) in my bathroom right now. So far, none are expired. Thanks for the tips on how to use them when they do!

  3. Mary-Anne says:

    I didn't even know they expired…I'll have to check the dates on mine. Thanks for the tips! :)

  4. Stephanie says:

    You are so funny! Love the suggestions on how to use the exp tests. You sure made me laugh and infertility isn't funny in and of itself, but there is humor buried inside. Glad to found it and even more so that you share it with us!

  5. Guera! says:

    Stir sticks! Perfect idea!

  6. liberalgranolagirl says:

    If only you'd written this last week, then I wouldn't have merely thrown away my expired HPT. *sigh*

  7. Shanny says:

    I'm always in need of good coffee stirrers, thanks for the idea. Now I,ll kill 2 birds with one shot lol

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