Sep 09

Your BBQs and parties are not the same since your friends had kids.

Before babies, your parties were filled with a lot of alcohol, inappropriate behavior, and someone inevitably passing out in your flower garden. You could always count on an old high school pal spilling something on your rug and having to rush someone to the hospital emergency room. Those were the good old days.

Now, the majority of your friends are either pregnant or bring along their babies to your party which means you need to buy more apple juice than beer. You call the party for 6pm, purchase a few cases of beer and crank the music up. But a few hours later, only 4 beers have been drank (by your husband) and the music has been turned down because it’s baby Billy’s nap time. The only one drinking is baby Sally, and she’s not drinking alcohol. There are poopie diapers in your trash can, breast milk in your fridge, and your office has been turned into the change room/breastfeeding zone. Your party now resembles a teddy bears picnic rather than an alcohol driven all nighter. Rest assured, most of your guests will be gone by 9pm.

Awesome party!

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7 Responses to “#898 Your friends throw poopie diapers in your trash can”

  1. Egg Factory says:

    My sister's former sister-in-law once left a poopy diaper behind her Xmas tree – and she didn't find it for a day or so. Lovely.

  2. Brooke says:

    ahh love it!! So true, but also so looking forward to it. I spent a week once trying to find the smell that was lurking in my guest room. Somehow a dirty diaper managed to fall behind a bureau, dont ask I dont get it either! Kicker is I still have no idea if it was family or a friend:)

  3. Mary-Anne says:


  4. awomanmyage says:

    Were you at the last BBQ I went to? They even watered down the alcoholic punch! I can't remember the last time I got drunk at a friends' BBQ. Seriously. That's not funny.

  5. Complicated Life says:

    Were you at my house on Monday, because that's basically my BBQ. Though we never used to throw anything too "wild", now I usually discover diapers in my trash can. Actually, usually in several different trash cans…

  6. Oh Baby says:

    I thought it was just me! My parties used to end in someone walking around half-naked and we'd need a keg of beer. This past weekend we didn't go through a 12-pack and towards the end of the party there was a gathering of cooing women around my friend's sleeping newborn. Party FAIL.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This was my house last night. We couldn't go out for a bonfire b/c the babies couldn't handle the smoke. I sat and listened to my girlfriends compare diaper brands and how hard it is with the second kid. And I built a puzzle with a 5 year old and 3 year old. Great Saturday night.