Sep 21

You love your coffee card. You can buy 9 cups and then get the 10th one free!

The modern fertility clinic should offer the same thing: A “frequent IUI or IVF” punch card. Fail 5 times and get the 6th failure free! On your first visit, your RE would take your picture ID punch card and would appropriately stamp it with a big fat FAILED sign following each failed procedure. After 5 failed attempts, you are offered the 6th one for free! How exciting! Why take a pregnancy test anymore when your RE can just stamp your card!

“Are you pregnant, honey?” Your husband/partner might inquire. No need to communicate anymore when you can just show him your failed punch card. A nosy relative asking you if you’re pregnant yet? Just flash out your punch card. Remember how exciting it is to get that free cup of coffee? Well, imagine how wonderful it will be to get that 6th failure for free! We all love something for nothing! You might actually hope you fail the rest of the treatments just so you can be rewarded later on.

Yes Mother, I am a failure and I have the punch card to prove it. Fantastic!

7 Responses to “#888 The IUI punch card – Fail 5 times and get the 6 failure free!”

  1. The Adventurous Writer says:

    And for every 9 shots of sperm I buy, can I have the 10th free?

    I'm tired of paying big bucks for tiny vials of semen….which may or many not contain enough va-va-va-voom to get me pregnant…


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  2. Jill M. says:

    What a great idea!!! I think you should present this to the heads of every fertility clinic!

  3. Another Dreamer says:

    Hmm… you know, a punch card would actually be nice…

  4. MRS.B says:

    This was the perfect thing to read today! Love your blog!

  5. ally says:

    holy doodle, I should have had a free IUI, IVF and car by now! I'm going to bring this up with my RE, I'm sure he'll be totally receptive to the idea!

  6. junebug says:

    Excellant! I want one. At least I would win something after all that trouble.

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