Sep 28

As William Shakespeare once (sort of) said: “To test or not to test, that is the question.”

You have survived the dreaded two week wait and you still have a couple more days until it’s okay to take a pregnancy test. You really want to test early. Can it really hurt to test a couple days early? Let me make the answer easier for you.


A lot of thoughts go through your head:
- If I test today and it’s positive, I can surprise my husband on his birthday!
- I had a really hard day and this is the only thing that will make me happy.
- Imagine if I test positive and I can surprise my husband on our anniversary!

All those thoughts are really great but only if the test comes back positive. If it comes back negative (like it typically does), your hubby’s birthday is now ruined and you can enjoy a mental breakdown instead of dinner and a movie on your anniversary.

Whatever you do, don’t test early. Just hold onto hope for one more day.

19 Responses to “#887 Testing early is never good”

  1. callmemama says:

    Ain't that the truth. There's no faster way to a mental breakdown than POAS. And what is up with testing on CD1 just to "make sure" that you aren't one of those pregnant women who have bleeding during pregnancy. I've done that a few times. Better just to not keep the tests in the house at all…

  2. irrationalexuberance says:

    Phew — you got me just as I was heading out to the drugstore to buy more of those evil HPTs. We are seeing the inlaws today — no sense in going there with red puffy eyes.

  3. Lisa says:

    Your blog cracks me up because I can relate to almost everything that you say! I have these exact thoughts every single month…

  4. finding_ac says:

    or how about testing early and hitting on one of those dreaded chemical pregnancies? …that to me is far worse than anything, cause you think you are pregs for real…for keeps, but you ARENT.

    ♥ ac

  5. Elizabeth says:

    my hubby's b-day is on the 8th and we actually talked about getting an ept…looks like we will be waiting!!!

  6. Infertile says:

    You should probably re-post this one every day because it's a message every infertile needs to hear over and over and over again! And thank you for making me laugh, even when I totally fell into the trap yet again.

  7. Amy says:

    I wish I had found your blog a long time ago!

  8. Cherish says:

    But I have so many more reasons FOR testing early than NOT testing early. ;)

  9. Shanny says:

    But when they are negative is because the tests are faulty, no? I know all of mine are defected :)

  10. Liss says:

    You know I did make a test for hubby's birthday… And he's a lucky DH because it was the right one… So maybe only test early if it's hubby's birthday?

  11. A says:

    AMEN to this- I honestly don't understand how people can test (so frequently) starting at like 8dpo!??!?! How do they stomach that?!

  12. egghunt says:

    uhuh, so true. POAS's are contraband in my house. Like an illegal drug, really really bad for your health. The funny thing is that we all know it's bad to test early but we do it anyway. I think its because IF in general is torture so we figure one more piece of torture can't hurt.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Guilty. I need to buy stock in EPT…it's where all my money goes. That at Clear Blue Easy ovulation test strips.

  14. Another Dreamer says:

    Yeah, I am totally guilty of the testing early. I know I shouldn't, but the urge to POAS is just too strong sometimes!

  15. Anonymous says:

    I'm glad I'm not the only one to have POAS on CD1. . .thinking I was one of *those* women who bleeds during pregnancy. . . willing it to happen! Ha!!

  16. Jenny H. says:

    perhaps Hallmark fabricated all these holidays in line with the ept companies as a ploy to make more money off of us infertiles!…

  17. still_inconceivable says:

    Guilty! We went to visit DH's family in SC last weekend and I convinced myself to test on Thursday. I fantasized about all the different ways we could announce our pregnancy while we were there. So, I got a big fat minus sign and was in a rotten mood all weekend!

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  19. wantingtolaugh says:

    SOOOOOOOOO glad I read this today b/c today actually IS my husband’s bday and I was thisclose to testing early. Thanks for the reminder!