Aug 11

For other women, getting up 4 times in the middle of the night to urinate means she’s pregnant. For you, peeing multiple times means you drank too much liquid before bed.

Why does our bodies continue to play tricks on us? Each month we are tricked into believing we’re pregnant. We feel excited, then feel disappointed, only to fall for the same trick next month.

You just peed 6 times in 3 hours (you know, you counted), your mouth has a strange metallic taste, and you burped 23 times since breakfast. These MUST be early pregnancy symptoms! You have strange gas pains in your lower abdomen and you are nauseated from the smells in your kitchen. Last night, you spent most of the night running to the toilet to pee. You thought back to your last drink and realized that you only had half a glass of juice with dinner. A little ray of hope tells you that you might be pregnant this time.

Stop torturing yourself already!

You peed a lot because you are nervous, you taste metallic from sitting in front of the computer all day, you keep burping because you ate a burrito and a bowl of bran flakes for breakfast, your ’strange’ gas pains are not strange, oh constipated one, and you are nauseous from the smell in your kitchen because you haven’t washed the dishes!

You are just a gal who happens to have pregnancy symptoms without the pregnancy, and that takes a special talent.

17 Responses to “#923 Peeing a lot doesn’t mean you’re pregnant”

  1. Goodyear Family says:

    That is so me… There was one day I had to pee 15 times in like 5 hours. I was sure I was pregnant! Yeah, stupid body…Building my hopes up for nothing…

  2. MelissaP05 says:

    Totally true. The reason why I peed so much is because I'm actually drinking more water. Ugh, stupid stupid me.

  3. finding_ac says:

    sometimes i think god should have given us a better way of telling, like a red mark on your hand…that, my dear- would be unmistakable.

    ♥ ac

  4. babyincredible says:

    ACK! i hate the faux pregnancy symptoms. I always feel like I'm SURE this time it's real. Good thing I switched to dollar store pregnancy tests, so at least the disappointment isn't as expensive.

  5. The Kelley Family says:

    I just read this and thought "this is so me", lol!! I swore I was pregnant for about 2 months earlier this year, yeah it was just that I was drinking a gallon of water a day.

  6. Nessie says:

    The fact that PMS symptoms are the exact same as early pregnancy symptoms is the cruelest fact in nature!! Last two months, I was SURE I was pregnant: bloated belly (looked like I was 4 months pregnant!), bigger boobs, sore nipples, heartburn, headaches, congestion, irritability, extreme fatigue… etc. etc. Cruel, cruel world!

  7. babyhopes says:


    I've had to start limiting my fluids about two hours before bedtime, otherwise I am up at least twice each night. Stupid aging bladder.

  8. Shanny says:

    Yeah we suffer from IPS

    Imaginary Pregnancy Symptoms- one of Nature cruel jokes lol

  9. Jenny H. says:

    am I the only one who gets incredibly annoyed with "newbie ttc women" who post questions about ttc with such lack of knowledge and yet at the same time enjoy pointing out how stupid they are (in a polite and well-educated sounding way of course!)?? Of course they will still probably get pregnant before me even if they think they can get pregnant at any time in their cycle and that ovulation is a week long process….

  10. Laura says:

    I think you can read my mind! I too have gone through this every month- and now I just go, "no, you're not pregnant, you just drank a lot." Ugh! Thank you.

  11. junebug says:

    My hubby just pats my hand every month and says, "It's about your time. You felt the exact way last month." I don't think it is that I forget what I felt the month before but I just want to find some hope somewhere after all these years of TTC. LOL

  12. Michele says:

    Oh my gosh, this is all so sad but so true. I do this exact same thing every month.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I'm totally zinc-sensitive and so my prenatal vits make me feel a little sick sometimes. Even though I know this, I still think I'm pregnant when I start to feel like I'm going to puke. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

  14. Amaprincess says:

    That totally made me laugh!!! AHHH the joys of the two week wait!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Well it is a good thing to know. I, on the other hand, would be quite relieved to just have a UTI and NOT be pregnant (though I would be ok, just scared). I don't think hubby and I are QUITE ready to start a family. I've only been tired and peeing a lot the last 3 days. Perhaps I am drinking more…idk. Still, I don't think I will be sleeping that much for the next few nites til I get that wonderful gift from mother nautre… my period!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Yeah i do this every month too. but i've given up on being mad at myself for it…whats the use might as well have a little fun for two weeks!! lol This i swear i'm peeing every one to two hours which i've never done before and i know i haven't been drinking much water…plus i have headache, stomach and leg cramps, sick feeling but anyhow i'll know in less than a week anyways!! lol one day our stork will come!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Lol.. Yeah, i get like this every month for the longest time. Since my periods are very irregular, i should know that, but yet, every month i still make myself feel like its my month. my hubby gets so used to it and he just says to, "you dont have to test, its all in your head and you'll probably get a negative again." ha, how sad. Nature sucks.