Aug 14

Let’s be honest, we all feel jealous looking at pregnant women. Right or wrong, we feel envious and that’s okay.

But did you ever think that a pregnant woman feels the exact same way about you?

A pregnant woman walks down the street with toddler in hand. She glares at you thinking “her stomach looks so flat. At least she can still see her ankles.” Her eyes immediately look down at your flat(ish) belly, admiring the curves and shape. The pregger salivates as she sees you enjoying sushi, a coffee and a fresh piece of soft unripe cheese. She follows you into the drugstore and feels envious as you purchase your pregnancy and ovulation predictor kits. She purchases special cream for cracked nipples and stretch marks.

You head towards your fitness club with preggers following close behind. She is almost in tears when she watches you during a cardio class. All she can attend is Pregnancy Fit Classes while every fitness class is for infertiles. She goes home and cries for hours on her husband’s shoulder. It’s not fair – everyone is infertile but her!

Just ask any pregnant woman. I’m sure she feels the exact same way.

3 Responses to “#920 Do pregnant woman feel envious of you?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I always feel like there are pregnant women all over the place. I was in the drugstore the other day and the women in front of me was buying a pregnancy test and grinning. I was buying an ovulation kit and a candy bar! What luck.

  2. Sinan Ozyol Poops Himself says:

    A lot of my coworkers are pregnant and I bet they envy me doing much more than my share of their work while they daydream about their future babies and look at baby sites online all day. I bet they wish they could be more productive at work instead of in their happy dream-world.

  3. 7 years and counting says:

    I doubt pregnant women are jealous of me if it’s there first but I’m pretty sure those people who have kids are a little envious of the way my husband and I can go on holidays whenever we want. That makes me feel a little better so we go as often as possible, but I would trade it all this minute for a baby of my own.