Aug 30

You think it’s not fair. You have been trying for your first baby long before your friends even started trying. Now, some of them are pregnant with their second.

So what?

For those of you embarking on the fertility journey, you know you have a higher chance of multiples. So what if your friends are on their second? You will catch up pretty easily. When your girlfriend is pregnant with her second, you could be pregnant with your fifth. She might have had to have two pregnancies for two kids, you just had one pregnancy for five babies. While you’re on your third baby, she is still only on her second. SUCKER!

So stop thinking that your friends all have one baby or are pregnant with baby #2. You can catch up next month and have more children than any of your friends combined. How many of them have the opportunity to have octuplets? They just get one boring pregnancy with only one baby. Two arms, two legs. Yawn. How boring and traditional.

Four pairs of legs, now that’s interesting!

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11 Responses to “#906 Your friends might be pregnant with their second but…”

  1. liberalgranolagirl says:

    LOL! You should seriously put these together in book form =)

  2. Jenny H. says:


  3. Fran says:


  4. Laura says:

    Love it! I was JUST thinking that! My DH and I are going to the RE to pick out an egg donor today. I told him if we play our cards right, we *might* just get our own reality show on TLC! Now THAT'S what I call excitement! :-)

  5. MiraclesDHappen says:

    dude, that's not funny, I dont want 5 kids LOL

  6. finding_ac says:

    nice spin on this thought…but for me it still inflicts large quantities of jealousy…its not fair.

    ♥ ac

  7. callmemama says:

    Yes, if you put these in a book…I would buy it :).

    At some point, I will think that having 5 babies at once will be better than never having any.
    At this moment, it still scares the bejeezus out of me.

  8. A says:

    Hilarious!!! I loved this- I am secretly hoping for twins!

  9. Marian says:

    ok this all needs to become a book honey!
    this one is stellar!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I am hopping for twins too. Even my husband thinks it would be good to get it over with in one shot. Yes I would buy this book as well!

  11. says:

    My DH says he is calling TLC if we have multiples. I already have twins who are amost 3. LOL. Hey at $75,000 an episode, it might be worth it.