Aug 31
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Some people drunk dial or drunk text while others should just not pick up the phone after a failed IUI.

You had your IUI, survived the horrible two week wait and have been waiting for your pregnancy test results. NEGATIVE! The moment you discover that your IUI did not work is a terrible day for you, your husband and anyone who happens to cross paths with you. Whatever you do – DO NOT PICK UP THE PHONE! You don’t seem to listen….

Calling the fertility clinic

(Sniff. Sniff). “I am calling on (sniff) day one of my cycle. I just had a (gulp) failed (gasp) IUI. (Sniff). I don’t (sniff) understand what to do (gulp) next (waaaa). The doctor wants to see (sniff) me? You’re not sure why? You can’t tell (gulp) me anything?”

Your sister calls….

“No, nothing is wrong. I am fine. I just have a cold. No, you can’t borrow my dress. Don’t get mad at me, you are the stupid one. I’m not talking to you anymore either”

Your cousin calls….
“You are pregnant AGAIN? Didn’t you just have a baby? Are you some type of slut? Use some birth control, really!”

Your partner calls….
“Yes. I am still upset about this. I have been crying all day and you seem like you don’t even care that we are infertile.”

A telemarketer calls….
“Are you kidding??? Do you think I actually want to buy a vacuum? I bet you have children, right? Must be nice to be so fertile. How did you get my number you stupid b#@&*!”

Do yourself a favor and let the answering machine pick up your messages.

10 Responses to “#905 Don’t pick up the phone after a failed IUI”

  1. Clio says:

    so freaking truth….

  2. Jess says:

    Too funny! And so very, very true!!!

  3. [nikki lynn] says:

    i just experienced this. lol. so true!!!!

  4. Michele says:

    OMG: I have a neighbor who is pregnant with #5. I really want to punch her. Thank you for the laugh.

  5. liberalgranolagirl says:

    LOL =) I might be referring back to this in a week and a half ;-)

  6. Anonymous says:

    hysterical. Too true.

  7. Jenny H. says:

    I will remember this when I go for IUI number one next month…

  8. Amaprincess says:

    Ugh…I am not looking forward to this possibility in Oct. At least I have your blog to help me smile!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I just got my AF today after our first IUI, instantly I needed to read your blog to help me get through my day. Thank you so much for this blog! It makes me laugh out loud and I read my favorites to my husband.

  10. says:

    The cousin one is the best. That’s the way I feel about most people who say they’re pregnant…again! Geez, are you a slut? REALLY?