Jul 16

Reason #950 was written by Meredith. Thanks for your suggestion!

Have you ever been fortunate enough to have a conversation with your mother about her menopause symptoms? Ironically, the symptoms are very similar to infertility.

If you’re lucky enough to have Endometriosis, the doctor will tell you there are two ways to treat it: surgery and monthly injections of a drug called Lupron. The doc might also tell you that surgery could help, but there is no true way to see the back side of your organs to make sure there isn’t any Endometriosis still there, so Lupron is the best way to go.

One shot a month, no big deal right? HA! The Lupron brings your hormone levels down to zero, to get rid of all that pesky Endometrial tissue. Thus, forcing you to have similar symptoms to that of a menopausal woman. Your mother or mother-in-law and you will spend hours discussing your hot flashes and night sweats (you both seem to have tried standing next to the open freezer and eating popsicles to cool yourself off). You know that your husbands can empathize with each other about your moodiness and total lack of sex-drive.

The good news: you know what it will be like when you’re 50ish and entering menopause.
The bad news: you know what it will be like when you’re 50ish and entering menopause.

4 Responses to “#950 Are you infertile or menopausal?”

  1. butamoment says:

    Clicked over from someone else's blog reader. I enjoyed so much, I read all the entries in one sitting. Must confess, I know most of these reasons up close and personally.

    Wanted to suggest an addition. . . you can spell really big medical words (because you have typed them into Google so often)and you know all the anatomically correct body part names.

  2. Infertile "hoping to be fertile" Naomi says:

    Great suggestion! Welcome to the blog!

  3. Jenn says:

    Ah! I hear ya! I actually opened the freezer the other day at a friend's house to get something for her and stayed there with my head in it for a little while until she came over to check on me….(blush) lol.

    I have been on MANY hormonal medications before Lupron such as Depro Pravera which puts your mind into 2nd trimester pregnancy–at least I knew for 18 months what it felt like…

    Zolodex (also Italian for Kitchen Products) this medication turns off the switch in the brain that controls hormone levels which is the ultimate of the "menopause" drugs on the market.

    This one was my most successful treatment but you can only do it 1x in your life due to great risks of bone loss, and other such excitement! To me–that was worth it–yes I was that sick!

    Next up was trying for babies for several f'ing unsuccessful years and then giving up the pain killers & insane lifestyle changes plus I was forced to "gain" weight for babies but NOW told I am too fat…ah good times.

    Part of the issue of fatness–I was at a decent weight sort of, and then put on Lupron which shuts down the ovaries which shuts down the body from producing estrogen–as ovaries produce estrogen. This does also provide the same menopausal symptoms but not nearly as insane as Zolodex.

    I'm not saying Lupron was a walk in the park–it gave me bi-polar disorder no kidding! Under the drug side effects it lists: Physocological Distrubances" wtf is that?

    So yes–I enjoy the "choices" we have for endo…ugh.

  4. ANNE says:

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