Jul 15

You know the game. You play it almost every week. The ‘next year at this time I better be pregnant’ game.

The game takes on many forms including: ‘Next year at this time,’ I could have a baby. ‘Next year at this time,’ I might be on maternity leave. ‘Next year at this time’ I better be pregnant already. This ‘game’ is played many times throughout your infertility journey.

When you first start TTC, the ‘game’ is almost fun….

On your birthday: next year at this time, I will be pregnant.
Valentines Day: next month, my husband and I will be enjoying lots of baby-making!
In the dentist chair: next time I sit in the dentist chair, I could be 5 months pregnant.
Christmas: next year at this time, there will be a baby.
In the summer: next summer, my husband and I will happily grow our family.

When you start having infertility problems, the ‘game’ gets less fun….

Birthday: next year at this time, I will have gone through fertility treatments.
Valentines Day, next month, my husband and I will be charting our baby-making.
Dentist chair: next time I sit in the dentist chair, I hope I’ve ovulated at least once.
Christmas: next year at this time, the adoption process from Korea might have started.
Summer: next summer, my husband and I will be in fertility counselling.

My advice is don’t play this ‘game’ too often. It’s really not that fun. Twister, Go Fish and Janga are better options for you.

7 Responses to “#951 You’ve played the "Next Year at this Time" game”

  1. Clare says:

    Absolutely. This game aint much fun.

  2. Fertility Chick says:

    Amen to that. Played the game (and sometimes still do!)…but it's definitely not fun anymore!

  3. Tina says:

    These games are no fun! But as many times as I tell myself to stop, I just keep on doing it! Oh well, I guess it is just part of going through all of this!

  4. Mrs.G says:

    Worst. Game. Ever.

    I burst into tears passing the pumpkin patch where we get our pumpkins each year. The past 2 Halloweens have been full of dreams of taking pictures of a baby among the pumpkins. This year is just another one for the books.

  5. Carly says:

    Another game not to play: "How I am going to tell my husband/parents/friends that I am pregnant?" Seriously, stop playing the games. Your husband (as mine does) will attest to the fact that they make you crazy…or crazier than infertility already makes you.

  6. InfertileNaomi says:

    I only play the "How I am going to tell my husband/parents that I am pregnant" game once every two weeks now.

    Thanks everyone for your comments. Love them!

  7. Cherish says:

    Carly – That game breaks my heart every month because I can no longer use that amazing way to tell them once Christmas/my birthday/Father's Day/you name it passes.

    Incidentally, I just started using quicken again and realized that in planning my financial future about a year ago, I had put baby #1 as arriving Jan '09, baby #2 Jan '11, and baby #3 July '12. HA! Since I'm on my 19th cycle TTC #1 and if I'm lucky this cycle my EDD will be April 09, I doubt any of the rest will fall into place. (sigh)