Jul 17

You and your husband have undergone fertility tests only to discover that there is nothing (medically) wrong with either of you.

Your doctor tells you that you have ‘Unexplained’ infertility. What? Please explain doc? Unfortunately, there are thousands of diseases out there but the good news is that the majority of them can be explained. Is there such thing as an ‘unexplained’ heart condition or an ‘unexplained’ surgical procedure? Even if they can’t diagnose the problem right away, doctors can perform other tests to identify a medical issue. With unexplained infertility, there seems to be no explanation.

Imagine applying this philosophy to life? Your friend invites you to a baby shower. Your RSVP reads: ‘Cannot attend. Unexplained reason.’ Your cousin asks you when you’re going to start trying for a baby. Your response: ‘I don’t have to explain.’ Your friend announces her pregnancy. You respond by throwing a large pie in her face and pouring milk on her head. Bewildered, she asks why. You just shrug. You don’t need to explain why you did that. Your boss asks you to explain a document. It can’t be explained, is your response.

Actually, life might be pretty good if things could remain ‘unexplained.’

5 Responses to “#949 How do you explain ‘unexplained’ infertility?”

  1. Egg Factory says:

    Yes, we in the unexplained group are quite the elite. Out of the 6 million women who have trouble conceiving, only 10 percent are unexplained. Sucks. I'd much rather be an elite athlete or the elite wealthy, but instead I'm the elite of infertility.

  2. Infertilenaomi says:

    Egg Factory- at least your elite in some sense.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Haha! That's us too! Naturally infertile!

  4. ensha says:

    Haha! I feel better knowing I’m part of the elite of the fertility challenged. (Except not really. Why couldn’t I be a part of those elite women who get pregnant just by looking in the general direction of their DHs?!)

  5. says:

    I love this post and had to really work at not cackling in order to not wake DH. Thank you.

    Another Elite