Jun 23

It’s no secret. You will watch pretty much any movie that has to do with infertility. But when the movie, Baby Mama came out, you couldn’t wait to watch it. You would have watched it at the movie theater but you wanted to see it alone, just in case you needed to cry.

In Baby Mama, Tina Fey plays a single woman who waited a little too late in life to get pregnant and explores her fertility options. She decides to choose a young, crazy woman to carry her baby. First of all, Tina Fey plays a 37 year old woman. Is that really “too late in life” to have a baby? If so, we are all in trouble now and especially in trouble if we want a second or third baby! So did this movie actually make you cry? Really? I believe that Fey was actually pregnant during the movie – that’s irony for you.

During your next period, I suggest you rent any of the following movies about infertility, just to rub more salt in your wounds. Get yourself lots of chocolate and enjoy!

12 Responses to “#965 You recently rented the movie Baby Mama”

  1. Jessica Loves Trevor (JLT) says:

    Love this movie. Have it on bluray. :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ok, honestly I hated it and I was more obsessed with Juno while AF was showing her ugly self.

  3. Sugar Brite says:

    I liked the movie, except, as an IF, I thought the end was a little cliche.

  4. Infertilenaomi says:

    I will watch any movie that has to do with infertility at this point. It's sad really.

  5. BB says:

    Hehe… I actually watched this movie over the weekend. I liked it… liked the fact that they didn't go overboard with IF, yet didn't show some stupid science about it either (mostly). Anyways…. Thanks for stopping by. Good Luck with your IF journey

  6. finding_ac says:

    ha ha you are totally right. that is why i am so obsessed with the juno movie…i just look at that and go – WHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYY???? although i really love the humour of the film, i just keep thinking why not me? and with the infertility stuff i think ug the crazy stuff we infertiles have to deal with…

    ♥ ac

  7. Infertilenaomi says:

    I hear you AC!

    Keep believing ladies. 2009 will be the year of the pregnancies (for all of us!).

  8. Jenny H. says:

    I watch the season of Friends where Chandler and Monica find out they can't conceive…I cry every time Chandler explains that they're both the problem.

  9. galnoir says:

    A few months ago, I thought I'd throw Dogma into the VCR (that's how old our copy is) to cheer myself up. Little did I remember that the heroine's anger at God stemmed from infertility—and the fact that her husband left her over it. Sometimes there's no safe haven from the reminders.

  10. Rach says:

    I got desperate and rented "Labor Pains" staring Lindsay Lohan, LOL!!!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I watched this while doing our 1 hour bedrest after IVF transfer…

  12. says:

    You can add BABIES (2009) to the list. Anthropolically speaking… beautiful. That’s why I cried through the entire second half. It’s straight up beauty on motherhood and how we’re all connected.