Nov 18

Which is strange because you don’t really like lasagna.

You went out for dinner with your hubby the other night and everything on the menu looked absolutely delicious to you. The waiter walked by with a plate of lasagna and it smelled so delicious you decided to order the same dish.  Continue reading »

Nov 11

… You say to your husband, “Honey, I’m on my Day One” and he knows exactly what you mean.

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Nov 04

Feeling depressed because you have PCOS? Here are some reasons why having PCOS isn’t all that bad…

1. PCOS also stands for Pretty Clever Outstanding Stephanie (please note: this only applies if your name is actually Stephanie or begins with an ’s’).

2. If you have PCOS excessive facial hair, you can participate in Movember this month! Raise money for a good cause while you grow your PCOS mustache during the month of November! (Note: If you don’t have a mustache, you can grow your leg hair and show it off to the fertility doctor during your tansvaginal ultrasounds).

3. You might not have ovulated since 2004, but when you do, it is a cause for celebration! Send out ’save the date’ cards and invite everyone to your Ovulation Party!

4. You haven’t needed to purchase tampons or pads in years! Think of all the money you saved. (Note: Disregard the excessive money you also spent on failed fertility treatments).

5. PCOS does not mean you will never have children. Women with PCOS can and do get pregnant, and rumor has it, their babies are even cuter.

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Oct 28

Fertility Planit
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Oct 28

You have a bottle of Robitussin cough syrup in your kitchen pantry because you:

(a) Have a horrible cough and need cough syrup.

(b) Your husband/partner has a horrible cough and he needs cough syrup.

(c) You have a secret addiction to drinking cough syrup.

(d) You think it tastes good and you enjoy having your pancakes with any type of syrup.

(e) None of the above. You purchased it for a weird fertility reason.  Continue reading »

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