Oct 20

#601 You Know You’re Infertile When…

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You find out that actress Uma Thurman named her baby, Rosalind Arusha Arcadian Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson; and you are still jealous! Oh crap. She stole our future baby name!

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Oct 10

Over the years, I have received many wonderful emails from my blog readers saying, you should really turn your strange fantastic blog into a book. Pleased to say that ‘Best of 999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility is now available on Amazon.

  • Introduction by yours truly.
  • My tips on how to conceive (without going insane).
  • Inspirational quotes to get you through your 2WW.
  • Your favorite blog posts.

“This is an enjoyable gift” -your uterus
“I loved it!” -your ovaries
“It really helped me through my 2 week wait.” -your follicles

Oct 07

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving and it’s a time to be grateful for everything you have and not everything you don’t have. This Thanksgiving, take the time to remember what you are grateful for including… Continue reading »

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Sep 27

Fertility Tip: How to achieve two lines on a pregnancy stick.

(a) Pee on two sticks.
(b) Get a pregnant woman to pee on your stick.
(c) Draw on the second line with magic marker.
(d) Relax and it will happen.
(e) All of the above but d.

Sep 15

You know you’ve called your fertility clinic too many times when you’ve actually memorized their outgoing message.

You’ve reach the center for Pregnancy-Challenged Women and Azoospermia Men. Your message is important to us, although we never pick up the phone or call you back promptly. Continue reading »

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