Jan 01

In 2012, reality TV stars Giuliana and Bill Rancic kicked some infertility ass and got their miracle baby via surrogate; actor Hugh Jackman talked openly about his struggles with infertility; and Jessica Simpson’s uterus is more fertile than my backyard garden.

Dec 30

Fertility Tip: If you are planning to spend a childless New Years Eve, crying about infertility and whining over a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates, think again. Go out and have your emotional crying breakdown in a public place. Suggestions include a public sob fest at an expensive restaurant, your friend’s party or at the theater.

Crying about infertility is so last year. Let this year be the year of hope, positivity and lots of unprotected sex and fertility drugs.

Dec 18

‘Tis the season for those, are you pregnant yet? holiday questions. Here are some helpful tips on how to answer those annoying fertility questions during the holiday season.

Are you pregnant yet? -your Cousin Sally at the family Christmas dinner table
- No, we’re not pregnant yet. We heard the apocalypse is coming and thought it wasn’t the best time to conceive.
- No we’re not pregnant yet. We’ve decided to wait until our late forties when we are at our most fertile.
- No we’re not pregnant yet. We’ve decided to take a political stance. We are not having children until Jennifer Aniston gets pregnant. Continue reading »

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Dec 09

This holiday season, give a gift to your scrooge-like uterus… 999 Reasons: The Book!!


You woke up one morning with diarrhea and you found yourself feeling strangely excited. “This is strange,” you thought to yourself (while checking the toilet paper). “Maybe I have morning sickness.“  Your period was expected to arrive in a few short days so it was possible that you could already be pregnant! Continue reading »

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Nov 24

Failed an IVF or an IUI? Lack of cervical mucus got you down? You need a reason to laugh at Infertility today!  Here are some of your hilarious reasons!

Some classic favorites include:

“You know you’re infertile when you can correctly spell words like medroxyprogesterone from memory.” -Sharon

“Because you refused to buy Tampons this month…you crazily go through every old purse in your closest like a mad women, hoping to find a few you might have left behind.” -KK

“Checking the toilet paper every 5 seconds! I need to buy TP in bulk already!” -Jessica

“How about when you attend a wedding and wonder how quickly the newleyweds will become pregnant and think, they better not have a child before us.”

Check out more reasons to laugh here! Dare you not to smile.