Dec 09

This holiday season, give a gift to your scrooge-like uterus… 999 Reasons: The Book!!


You woke up one morning with diarrhea and you found yourself feeling strangely excited. “This is strange,” you thought to yourself (while checking the toilet paper). “Maybe I have morning sickness.“  Your period was expected to arrive in a few short days so it was possible that you could already be pregnant!

You quickly google your pregnancy symptoms: I have diarrhea, am I pregnant?

Google quickly answers that diarrhea could be an early pregnancy symptom. Hooray for early morning diarrhea!

Then you remember that your co-worker, Mindy-Sue, had the flu all week and insisted on coming to work anyways. You distinctly remember good old Mindy-Sue, coughing all over your computer and touching your arm with her germ-filled sleeve. You also went out for lunch with her, even though she could only digest chicken soup and a piece of bread.  Thanks a lot for coming to work, Mindy-Sue.

Fertility Tip: Only an infertile could be excited about morning sickness. No doubt, that Kate Middleton currently feels otherwise.

3 Responses to “#594 You Thought You had Morning Sickness But it was Really the Flu”

  1. says:

    LoL! Everytime I talk about wanting to get pregnant my freinds always say, “You’ll regret it when you get morning sick!” BS! I am so excited to feel that rush of nausea that reminds me that I am FINALLY prego!

    Sister K

  2. Ducky says:

    That is where I am at now. My co-workers are trying to convince me that my three week headache, nausea and dizziness are all due to pregnancy. After a little over two years of trying I am afraid to hope, and I still have to wait a week to find out. Christmas is going to be depressing.

  3. Jane says:

    This literally happened to me today. Amazing. I puked and was so excited. And then felt like an idiot for being surprised that I tested negative. Thank you not only for the laugh, but the reassurance that I am not totally insane… or at least I’m in good company.