Mar 25

There are select people in your life who know about your fertility issues. Your best friend, your mother, your family doctor. Here are a list of other unnecessary people who know a little too much about your conception challenges…

Your Accountant. “Yes, Mr. Taxman, we do have exceptionally large medical expenses. If you look at line 58, you will note that we can deduct money this year from our 85th IUI.”

Your Librarian. “Your library books have come in. ‘What to Expect when you’re Uterus Sucks‘ and ‘Why won’t my Fallopian Tubes Work?‘ are due next Friday.”

The Bookstore Staff. “I can help you over here. I see that you’re purchasing ‘Fun with Infertility’ and ‘Trying to Conceive for Dummies.’

Your Dentist. “Are you taking any medications since your last visit?” Yes. Dentist. I am taking follicle stimulating drugs, vaginal suppositories and medication to make me ovulate. Stop asking me.

Your Pharmacist. “Here are your boxes and boxes of fertility medications. That will be $5,000.”

The Lady who Draws your Blood. “You’re back again? I just saw you last month. I hope your blood test is positive for a change!”

The Drugstore Cashier. Scan. One package of pregnancy tests, eight packages of ovulation kits, sperm-friendly lubricant, an extra large box of maxi pads, and a chocolate bar. That’s will be $200.”

The Person at the Bank. “Why do you need a bank loan?” I need the money to pay for our failed IVF and our upcoming IVF. Thanks for asking.

7 Responses to “#626 People who know too much about your Fertility Issues”

  1. 8 years and counting says:

    Ha ha, so true! we switched accountants between IVF’s and we knew more about the medical deductions than he did!

  2. everyone else is pregnant or has 20 kids says:

    My (male) boss also knows quite a bit. Asking for time off last minute depending on my cycle is always pleasant!

  3. says:

    Yes…the boss is also a big one. Mine needs the memo: “no news is BAD news. Don’t ask if I’m pregnant every week. Thanks.

  4. scandinavian endo girl, angel mom. says:

    My boss, half of my co-workers, my ballet teacher, a whole bunch of my friends, to sum it up – Almost everyone that asks knows too much ;)

    Scandinavian endo girl, (angel mom and mom to be)

  5. Rachel says:

    So funny and yet so true.

  6. Krystal says:

    BA! Love the dentist one. Last time I went I said that there was a very slight chance I could be pregnant, so I shouldn’t do an xray. Fast forward 6 months and I go in for my cleaning, they asked if I was pregnant since last time I didn’t get an xray. “Do I fucking look 6 months pregnant”!

  7. says:

    I would like to add my whole church congregations. They decided to pray for us until we get prego, it’s been 4 years . . .