Nov 17

Ever feel like your life is like an infertile soap opera? You feel like you have a secret infertile self that you hide from others, there is drama, emotions, heartache, hope and an insane amount of sex.

Yes, you’re living an infertile soap opera, just without the accidental pregnancy, an embryo switch, and a bartender named Chase who may or may not be your baby daddy.

The Young and the Tender Breastless.  Plot line: Dominique is in her two week wait after an emotional embryo transfer. She feels rage at her doctor for telling her that she is ’still young and has plenty of time to get pregnant.’ She continues to feel her breasts for early pregnancy symptoms.

All my (Test Tube) Children. Olivia and Tanner want a baby but a twisted fallopian tube, a misshapen uterus, poor egg quality and low sperm motility stand in their way.

The Cold and the Beautiful. Cricket and her husband, Braden, get into another fight about her obsession with wanting a child. He disagrees with her idea that they should just steal one.

As your Insides Churn. Victoria is filled with heartache after her little sister announces she’s pregnant. Jacqueline gets her period during her friend’s baby shower. Tiffany-Melinda bursts into tears after her mother emails her another article about how to get pregnant.

Days of our Hives. Harlowe is rushed to the hospital after suffering from an allergic reaction from her fertility medication. Devastatingly, she is also suffering from OHSS and her embryo transfer has been canceled.

General (Fertility) Hospital. Tad discovers that his lover, Meegan, is having an affair with her fertility doctor and a transvaginal wand.

One Life to Live. Greenlea and her (seemingly) loving husband, Prescott, feel like if they only have one life to live, it sure as hell better be a fertile one!

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11 Responses to “#700 The Infertile Soap Opera”

  1. says:

    genius! general fertility hospital’s plot had me in stitches haha

  2. says:

    My favorite title is “As your insides Churn” LOL

  3. Anonymous says:

    I just started reading your blog yesterday and I’ve come to the conclusion that you’re amazing. Awesome, hilarious post!

  4. says:

    LOL I absolutely LOVE all the character’s names! We IFers should definitely have our own soap operas :)

  5. Michelle says:

    I laughed at “Days of Our Hives”. I actually got hives and a rash from my fertility meds last week! Funny now, not so funny then. So the timing of this post was perfect. :)

  6. Toni says:

    Hahahaha. I had redness at the injection site the other night and I thought right away “oh no I’m allergic.” It was quite a soap opera moment.

  7. I laughed really hard reading that post! Days of Our Hives reminds me of reactions to repronex (ouch). A lady at the beach once asked me, “oh dear did you get bit by a black fly?”

  8. Rebecca says:

    … speaking of Soaps, how about a musical???? This just arrived in my inbox…

    Motherhood The Musical
    Book before the general public and SAVE!
    From the producers of Menopause The Musical® comes an equally hilarious, musical journey about the lives and friendships of four very different mums. There`s Barb, the over-worked, underpaid, stressed-out mother of five, Brooke a lawyer, who works too much and barely sees her kids, Trisha a single mum who`s struggling to juggle it all and finally Amy, the naive 20-something about to have her first child.

    Already receiving rave reviews overseas, you`ll love this joyous musical journey … (etc)

  9. says:

    hmmm…@ Rebecca…

    that’s interesting! Where’s the infertile “non-mum”??? Geez they always seem to forget about that one huh.

  10. jdfan14 says:

    just watching young and the restless the other day regarding a couple who could not have a baby, i thought oh would be cool if they actually run w/the story of the infertility however, the couple paid 2 million dollars to adopt and got the baby right away..he he he….if it were only that easy right..he he he..yes i do watch some soaps how pathetic right?

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