Aug 05

Remember in high school when your boyfriend dumped your silly ass? Every love song you played (on your tape recorder) made you sob uncontrollably. Now, the same goes for infertility.

You could be driving and a song comes on the radio and it makes you think of your infertility journey. You start crying while driving and you’re surprised that you don’t get pulled over by a cop and ticketed for the possibly illegal, Sob-and-Drive (S.A.D).

But you have your special songs that make you tear up each time you hear them. Perhaps, you recognize the ” when he tells you not to give up. I won’t give up, Adam Lambert!  I won’t! Or perhaps you’re familiar with the song ” Because you could REALLY use a wish right now. Or maybe it’s , that pulls at your heart strings. Infertility is such a long hard climb.

Whatever your song is, you can pretty much guarantee that the artist wasn’t actually singing about infertility. Adam Lambert probably didn’t write a song about your blocked fallopian tubes when he told you to ‘not give up,’ and it’s pretty certain that 12 year old Miley Cyrus has never heard about infertility before and actually thinks if you just relax, you’ll get pregnant. Next time you cry over a Miley Cyrus song, slap yourself silly, because she is like soooo singing about your infertility issues. Whatever your song is– sob loud and proud!

23 Responses to “#730 You Cry over an Adam Lambert Song”

  1. Li says:

    Here’s a true infertility song!

  2. says:

    Micheal Buble’s “Haven’t Met You Yet”

  3. Lisa says:

    LMAO… That is too funny because The Climb actually does make me cry and I do feel like a complete goober everytime I cry over it because its like an infertile theme song…

  4. Nicole R. says:

    Wow, Miley Cyrus’s “The Climb” always puts me into a sob-fest!! Thanks Naomi for pointing this out!! So true!!

  5. Dena says:

    LOL! I have never thought about the Miley Cyrus song in that manner, but it makes sense and I will probably cry every time I hear it now! But I am totally guilty of sobbing while listening to music…the song that helps me in this journey is Sugarland’s “Stand back up.”

  6. Tiph says:

    I’m SOOO glad I’m not the only one who thinks about IF when they hear this song! I mentioned it one time to a close friend of mine and she looked at me like I was stupid.

  7. says:

    @ jendometriosis – that song gets me as well.

  8. Kira says:

    In tying in with #731, mine is Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield…I know it’s older, but I’m stupid enough to keep it on the ipod playlist. It use to make me feel hope, but that was over 3 years ago…so now just tears!

  9. says:

    wow, the “wish right now” song…it speaks to me! hahaha. That must be why I cry in the car as opposed to anywhere else.

  10. says:

    There are some days when it is a miracle to find a song that doesn’t make me cry! and it is always when I am driving, too! I’ve taken to just leaving the radio off more and more often. I am so glad to read that I am not alone! :)

  11. Chrissi says:

    OMG, how we are all alike. My favourite Sob-and-Drive-Song is – believe it or not – Waka waka by Shakira. It’s been very popular in Germany during the soccer worldcup.
    Read and cry with me:

    You’re a good soldier
    Choosing your battles
    Pick yourself up
    And dust yourself off
    And back in the saddle

    You’re on the frontline
    Everyone’s watching
    You know it’s serious
    We’re getting closer
    This isnt over

    The pressure is on
    You feel it
    But you’ve got it all
    Believe it

    When you fall get up
    Oh oh…
    And if you fall get up
    Oh oh…

  12. Granolablonde says:

    “I’m a Survivor” by that Beyonce group ;)

  13. Alice says:

    Motown gets me, because those songs are always talking about babies – “Too Busy Thinking About My Baby,” “Baby Love,” etc. I can’t think about anything but actual babies when I hear them.

    “Unchained Melody” made me start crying at a wedding with the line “Time goes by so slowly….” The only time I’ve ever felt that way was after another BFN.

  14. Deidre says:

    Unwell by Rob Thomas does it for me and if you’re one who hides the pain of IF from family and friends then you will agree!!

  15. bella says:

    This is the latest for me…..
    “I’m only gonna break break your break”

  16. Rae says:

    Stereotypical I know but since it was on Glee it has been played alot but Your havin my baby originally by Paul Anka,

  17. says:

    “It’s me…I’m a freak. But thanks for loving me, ’cause you’re doing it perfectly.”

    See, Adam Lambert knew that I’M the one with the fertility issues, while my husband’s perfectly healthy, so obviously, he wrote that song for me…

    Yeah…I totally cry at “What Do You Want From Me?” too.

  18. emptycradle11 says:

    lol, this is sooo true, i was in my car the other day listening to….NICKY MINAJ!!! (of all people) and i started to cry. it was a song dt ive listened to over and over alot of times but dt day i cried.
    ‘…..this time wont u save..
    ….i can feel myself giving up’
    i never tot a nicky minaj song could make me cry

  19. Cat says:

    Dixie Chicks “So Hard” and Kelly Coffey “I would die for that” are the repeats on my makes me sob about IF playlist.

  20. Leslie says:

    Love this post! Mine are currently “Iridescent” by Linkin Park, “This is Your Life” by The Killers, and “Picking up the Pieces” by Blue October. They include lines like: “You gotta be stronger than the story.” and “You build up hope, but failure is all you know. Remember all the sadness and frustration, and let it go.” and “Sometimes I feel like weeping, awake and when I’m sleeping, perfecting how to put a game face on…”

    Music is a means for dealing with the grief from Severe Endo and 3 failed IVF cycles. I love this website!

  21. Kendra says:

    I love Kelly Coffey’s song “I would Die for That”, even though it makes me cry every time!

  22. Aunt Flo's least favorite niece says:

    Ok ladies, prepare to hear your whole emotional IF journey through the tear jerkingly woesome voice of a twenty-something male singer named Jason Walker who obviously is a grief stricken infertile woman in disguise!!!!! Honestly and truthfully when I stumbled across this jewel of a song I was able to release so much of that pent up emotion I couldn’t believe it…. and for someone who rarely expresses herself and hasn’t told many about her 3 year struggle to have the tiny child she’s always hoped for, it really was heaven sent. so enjoy and prepare to shed a tear or two… or twenty.

    “Down” Jason Walker
    (theres also a duet version with a the beautiful voice of Molly Reed, but I prefer this one)

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