Apr 09

Hey, what smells? Oh. It’s you.

In infertility, you make up your own rules and somewhere along the way, you stopped wearing deodorant because you believed it affects your ability to get pregnant.

Now, no one has ever told you this and you really have no concrete proof (other than what you read on Google, of course) but one day, you just stopped wearing it and now your pits stink. Infertility has made you crazy. Sometimes you drink a special tea or eat a certain food or even refuse to get your eye brows waxed because YOU believe that it affects your fertility. And this week you’ve decided that deodorant has got to go. Perhaps your decided that your Lady Speed Stick penetrates into your arm pit, travels down through your stomach to your uterus and produces an anti-fertility chemical. No medical professional has told you this but in your head, it makes logical sense.

To be honest, it is probably not a great idea to rub or spray your deodorant directly on your lady parts but does it affect your fertility? Probably not but you’d rather have stinky pits than find out. Thank goodness you’re not a doctor because all your patients would be eating pineapple cores, doing headstands, checking the toilet paper obsessively and looking at the color of their nipples on a daily basis.

10 Responses to “#778 You stopped wearing deodorant”

  1. Ummmm……I have not stopped using deodorant. I am, however, considering sitting in a vat of herbal tea to regulate my cycles with the moon. This is not a joke. Let’s just forget about the fact that I don’t get a natural cycle in the first place so really there’s nothing to regulate with the moon, but hey I’ll try anything.

    Infertility does make you crazy.

  2. says:

    “considering sitting in a vat of herbal tea to regulate my cycles with the moon”

    WHAT?!?!? HAHA! That may go down as the strangest thing I have ever heard of IF related. (let me know if it works) .hehe

  3. InfertileNaomi says:

    Don’t forget to howl at the moon too.

  4. says:

    OMG you ladies are hilarious! And Hollytraveling…if that vat works, let us know…I would totally do it!

    IF has totally made me crazy, no doubt about it!

  5. says:

    OMG! I freakin’ love this site. It’s HILARIOUS!!! First time I’ve ever smiled or laughed at infertility. Thanks for creating it.

  6. teyy says:

    I agree that infertility does make one crazy.
    Tried and still trying whatever can improve my chances. Might even try that vat of herbal tea….

  7. says:

    OK, *way* funnier than the vat of herbal tea is the immediate “…tell me if it works” response. Lately another blogger suggested drinking green tea to help my cm. Normally I’m resistant to lifestyle changes, but my cm has been horrible and I already like green tea, so I’m on board. I mentioned this to an infertile friend as part of a story, and she interrupted to ask why I hadn’t passed on the green tea suggestion immediately! She was betrayed. I had to point out that I don’t even know whether it helps.

    IF does make you crazy.

  8. hello I really like this post. Gotta love the Tea, specially green Tea.

  9. Nicole says:

    I love this site!! I’m in the tww so I’m completely obsessing as usual. Nothing new, I’ve been down this road for almost four in a half yrs. I soo want off this roller-coaster ride!! This site helps me find humor in my situation.

  10. Reena says:

    your site always makes me smile!