Nov 16

Sallie to Becky, Monday“I’m doing an IVF cycle this month.”
Becky to Sallie, Wednesday“How was your IVF? Are you pregnant yet?”

As soon as you tell someone you’re going through infertility treatments, they seem to ask you if you’re pregnant only a few days later. You tell a friend you are doing IVF, they ask you TWO days later how it went and if you’re pregnant yet. “Hey friend! IVF takes about a month or longer. It’s not just a one day procedure!” You have to take fertility drugs first and wait several weeks before the actual IVF procedure can occur. Hey friend! Sorry to disappoint but if we tell you we’re doing IVF this month, don’t call the next day and ask how it went! It hasn’t happened yet!

Friends (or fertiles) also seem to think that pregnancy works differently for the infertile gal. You always have to explain that you still have to wait two weeks following ovulation before you find out if you’re pregnant or not. You do not find out on the spot.

“I had an IUI this morning and guess what? The future pregnancy test already told me I was pregnant, and guess what, I already had the baby. It was a boy.”

13 Responses to “#852 IVF doesn’t happen in one day!”

  1. Jendometriosis says:

    omg…this is SOOOOO true and VERY annoying!!!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    ok, so the people at our church took pity on us this weekend…instead of asking lots of uncomfortable questions about infertility, they threw us a shower for our new puppy! a little strange but it did take our minds off the fact that we are still childless for one meal:)

  3. Another Dreamer says:

    Hahaha, so true!

  4. finding_ac says:

    yah i hate that…especially when people you didnt even tell you were doing infert treatments ask you….they heard through the annoying grapvine who shouldnt be even talking about you…see? just talking about it makes me angry!

    ♥ ac

  5. Infertile says:


  6. Tiffany says:

    I just stumbled across your blog, and it is so great! I love it! Thanks for making me laugh, and not cry!!

  7. Carly says:

    It amazes me that fertile people don't know about the two week wait. Guess they never waited those two weeks in agony. All of a sudden, they were pregnant.

  8. Laura says:

    Ha! I think they don't understand b/c they don't have to. I told my close friend that I had diminished ovarian reserve, and she said, "Oh! Well can you use one of those surrogates from India?"

    Basically, if you are normal, and everything just happens like it was designed to, then you take it for granted – you don't need to understand the process b/c it happens – like magic! So, I try my best to be patient and not freak when I get these idiotic responses from non-IFs. But gosh it's hard!! :-)

  9. Annie says:

    I remember after my first IUI a friend asked me about two days later whether it worked. Don't women know anything about getting pregnant? You don't have sex and find out you are pregnant the next day. Why would fertility treatments be any different? Just another reason we're keeping our IVF journey to ourselves and a very few close friends…

  10. Claire says:

    My mom always asks "how is it coming alone?" Like I'm studding for a test or painting our house. She knows we are doing ivf but I think in her head I am getting "treatments" so one day I will wake up fertile.
    And normal people don't know anything about getting pregnant, I had to explain to a friend (after she had her 1st PLANNED baby) when she conceived.

  11. Sarah says:

    I mentioned that our IVF baby was 18 months old yesterday & had several people ask if we were going to "do it again" (it being IVF). Likes it's as easy as going to the shop & saying "I'd like to be pregnant please" and walking out pregnant!

  12. Elissa says:

    In my opinion, many fertiles don't know how their OWN bodies work. Once I heard a comment from a woman who was pregnant with her 4th kid: "I knew a lady who had a baby, was never on birth control or anything and didn't have another baby until 15 years later. I can't believer someone only ovulated once every 15 years."

    Me: "That is too stupid for words. Obviously intelligence isn't what got you pregnant."

  13. Catharine says:

    Lol this reminds me of the one episode of friends where Phoebe does an embryo transfer (surrogate for her brother) and a few HOURS later she got a bfp. I love that show, but all I could do was “wow. Just…wow.”