Nov 23

Constipation + Bloating = Fertility medications.

Reasons why your fertility medications are so awesome!

  1. Who needs to do number 2 anyways! Sometimes it’s nice to just visit the toilet once a month. Your bathroom never smells (because of you) and you always know that you never have to use a public stall to do your business.
  2. Your toilet will never get plugged (by you, that is).
  3. You only need to eat a bite of bread before getting full and bloated. Think of all the grocery money you save!
  4. Fearful a burglar will break into your house? Never fear! You can knock them out with one of your swollen and firm breasts! ‘Burglar knocked out by piercing nipple! Full story at 7.’
  5. You have more acne than a teenager. Popping zits are fun!
  6. You can play Santa this year with your swollen belly.
  7. You can give yourself a needle in a public place and not get arrested.
  8. You have fun gas bubbles to play with in your belly. The neighborhood kids will love it!
  9. Your drugs side effects tell you that you are allowed to be moody.
  10. Daily headaches are a great excuse not to clean the house!

Fertility drugs are fun!

8 Responses to “#848 Constipation and the fertility drugs”

  1. Anonymous says:

    i'm having fertility fun!

  2. Lany says:

    I hardly went number 2 before all the drugs. i am in serious tummy trouble.

  3. egghunt says:

    really needed a laugh today. Thanks naomi

  4. Shanny says:

    You should do a giveaway!~

  5. Ariha says:

    great to know that there is lotsa support here.I need every tiny bit of it.

    Just realised my mum in law has been talking behind my back about me.Saying that people get preggo in a few mths after marriage and how come I still havent.To hell wit her.!

  6. Enbarcelona says:

    Just starting next week. Last IVF/ICS, I was soo constipated with the meds and when i mentioned it to my doctor, he looked at me like i was the first one that experienced this. So glad to have found this blog!

  7. i like here ,hank you for spending some time to talk about this, I’m strongly about it and love learning read more about this know ?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Finally, we know what caused all this irregular bowel movements.. so what does my wife have to do to fix this?? it has been a year now and she is still constipated and we are afraid of undergoing another IVF cycle. What do you suggest?