Nov 25

Stop cleaning your house! You don’t want to throw out any of that baby dust!

We’ve all heard of baby dust although you aren’t quite sure what it is and where to get it. All you know is that you want some NOW!

Is baby dust the same thing as the dust that has been sitting on your coffee table? You have been are too tired to clean your house, and that pile of dust is now accumulating. If you clean it, will that affect your chances of getting pregnant? Does it hide behind the curtains or does it just float around the home? Your fertility doctor must have some laying around…She has all the other necessary fertility supplies so a little baby dust must be around there somewhere. Maybe at your next IUI, she can just shove some up there. You could slip her a $20.00 but rumor has it, baby dust is free. What is the proper way to give someone baby dust? Does it have to be ’sprinkled’ or can it just be thrown at you? You’ve heard that people can ’send’ you baby dust but can it also be emailed, or ? Is it okay to send baby dust by coughing into an infertiles face? H1N1 guidelines may say otherwise.

You might want to try rubbing your belly with a duster and see if that helps.

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7 Responses to “#846 Is baby dust and regular dust the same thing?”

  1. Pundelina says:

    ROFL :D

    Feng shui rules suggest leaving the dust under your bed alone – maybe that's the baby dust!

  2. Jill says:

    I need some baby dust

  3. Cherish says:

    Ah yes, the infamous baby dust. I've had a tiny bag of it under my pillow for several cycles but it's not doing the trick!

  4. Infertile says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    my pregnant friends all tell me to rub my belly on theirs so the fertility will rub off. is that where the baby dust comes from? maybe im not rubbing hard enough!

  6. Baby On Mind says:

    You, my house is dust galore!! I'm the worst housekeeper, and if dust = baby dust, I'd had a few dozen babies by now!

    I have never figured out how to give or get baby dust, so has anyone actually figured out how to do that?

    So I'm off to find my duster…. I think I have one somewhere!

  7. Mira says:

    Since I started reading this blog (from 999) i haven’t laughed at any of the entries. Not because it is not funny but because I am too consumed with bitterness to laugh. But this one did the job. I can’t help myself. It’s too funny.