Oct 04

The “Guess what I’m pregnant!” announcement is typically the worst piece of news you’ve ever heard.

Only an infertile gal can transform a happy announcement into the saddest piece of news. The “Oh my gosh, I’m expecting!” news can send you into a downward spiral that can make you leave a room in tears. This “happy” news can make you tear up or cry internally for the next several hours or even days. But if you’re going to feel depressed about happy news, don’t you think you should feel equally upset about ALL exciting announcements too? The “I just bought a new puppy” news should at least make you angry and the “I just got my dream job” news should make you want to slap that b%&tch right across the face. You have a right to be furious at that friend who raised money for charity or that other friend who just bought a new house. The “I survived my disease” news should make you feel depressed and the “I found my lost cat” news should create a sad lump in your chest. If you are going to be upset at good news than you should probably be equally upset at ALL good announcements.

Your friend just lost her job, your co-worker has to go for surgery, your aunt just broke her leg. Bad news. But you probably won’t cry about it for the next few days. You only cry about happy news.

10 Responses to “#882 Good news sucks”

  1. jenicini says:

    How true! It sucks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good timing. I have two friends who just had their babies within weeks of each other. "YAY…Congratul…..oh forget it."

  3. Another Dreamer says:

    Hehehe. Very true though, huh?

  4. Eileen says:

    So true!!! I'm still crying about a friend's "good news" a week later. It took her 3 cycles. Kill me now.

  5. AP says:

    Yes, I guess I'm bracing myself for the upcoming "good news" since it seems like my girlfriends have better success at having children. But yet, I still have hope that I will have good news.

  6. callmemama says:

    Too true, we really shouldn't discriminate. We should treat all good news the same :). And if that means bawling our eyes out at our friend's buying their first house…then so be it!

  7. finding_ac says:

    im the weirdo in this group…i only dont like people getting pregnant who are loosers…

    ♥ ac

  8. InfertileNaomi says:

    If any of you gals get pregnant, I promise to be (semi) happy for you! :)

  9. Milla says:

    I am unhappy about all of the good things! In a different way though – the house buying, the house make-overs (these people get more good things as the having kids bit was for them an inevitable nonevent, how can that be?!) all of the kid milestones. Also about the 3 not-in-the-know friends who are variously trying to trick their partners into getting them pregnant and not take folic acid as waiting 3 months to start trying 'is forever and 26 is getting past it'.

  10. LaurenKauf says:

    Funny I read this,while just yesterday I locked myself in the bathroom at work and had a complete mental meltdown when my best friend got a big-ole positive pee stick, After a month of trying. She knocked on the door and I ignored her. After I pulled myself together (kind of) I apologized her and told her that I refuse to buy her kid any crap, just savings bonds for birthdays and christmas. I'm such a great friend. Such a great insensitive, basketcase, selfish friend.