Oct 14

It is the early 1990s. The real 90210 and Melrose Place is on TV, Madonna tops the charts, Doogie Howser MD is your crush, the world is fearful about Y2K and you have only ovulated once in the past 5 years.

While other women get their periods on a regular 28 day cycle, you have only seen a couple times a year. You enjoy her arrival because that means you actually have a chance to ovulate this month. In your case, you probably need medical assistance to actually bring on ovulation and sometimes it works but more often it doesn’t. You search for that cervical fluid like a worm jumping into a puddle and chart your temperature continuously. You feel guilty that your body doesn’t work properly and blame yourself for not getting pregnant. Ovulation predictor kits are your best friend although you barely know how to use them. When the fertility doctor tells you it’s time to ovulate, then rush home and get the job done! When that doesn’t work, you say goodbye to Ms. Ovulation and hope to see her again before 2012.

If only Doogie Howser, MD was a fertility specialist. You’d let him check out your cervix anytime.

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7 Responses to “#874 You haven’t ovulated since the early ’90s”

  1. Nichole says:

    Hilarious! And SO true in my case!

  2. Jessica says:

    i feel like I haven't ovulated since 1988! kidding. I probably ovulated at least once this whole year.

  3. ally says:

    Oh Doogie……

  4. Candy says:

    this is an amazing blog. it made me laugh, cry….and SNORT. i found it via the TTC group on Facebook. thank you SO much for this. i am not alone and it feels wonderful to know at least ONE person is going thru the exact same thing as me.

  5. InfertileNaomi says:

    Welcome Candy! You are definitely not alone. Glad I made you snort, that is always my goal!

  6. Anasara says:

    Or you could have 28 day "clockwork" cycles (God I hate that word) & still not ovulate like me! Grr!

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