Oct 23

Birth control pills, condoms, female contraceptives… All were your friends long ago and now are your arch enemies. You want to stay clear of any form of contraceptives.

So when you’re told that an IVF cycle begins with birth control pills, you almost fall over. You are taking birth control pills in order to get pregnant? That’s pretty ironic. Why not eat an entire chocolate cake and try to lose weight? Why not go to a job interview and leave your resume at home? Why not invite people over for a dinner party and forget to buy the food? Why take prenatal vitamins and birth control pills in order to get pregnant?

Nosy relative: Are you trying to get pregnant?
You: Absolutely. I’m on prenatal vitamins and the birth control pill (pop in a pill and wait for reaction).

Birth control pill:
Other IVF drugs:
Telling nosy relatives you’re trying to get pregnant and pulling out your birth control pills:

Infertile gals are awesome!

9 Responses to “#869 You take birth control pills during IVF. WHAT?”

  1. jenicini says:

    Love it! My favorite IVF drug was the baby aspirin since it cost $1.04. If only I knew!

  2. SecretSisterhood says:

    Yeah, I had to take the progestin-only pill for 6 weeks to prepare for surgery. Then after the surgery I had to take progesterone to make me fertile again. What the?

  3. Laura says:

    Ha! I'm about to embark on this! Just got my pills. Can't wait to pop one in front of my nosy relatives! :-)

  4. Claire says:

    That reminds me…need to take my bcp and prenatals! I wonder if the kid at the pharmacy thinks I'm a nut job when I pick up the prescription for both at the same time.

  5. allymetriosis says:

    I put my bcp on top of my cornflakes every morning!

  6. mommyinwaiting says:

    You crack me up everytime, even on the worst of days! Thanks!

  7. Dani says:

    I thought the same crazy thing: that the kid at the pharmacy was thinking WTF when I paid for the BCP and the prenatal vits. LOL

  8. redhotchilly12 says:

    good idea here. It is really good to take the best prenatal vitamins in order to get pregnant.

  9. says:

    How about the instruction to not have sex with out a barrier once you start the IVF process. It is written right on the istruction page. My friend saw that and cracked up.