Oct 27

You know you’ve joined the infertility club when….

1) You know your husband’s sperm count (both washed and unwashed)
2) You can say the words “vagina” or “semen” without giggling
3) The nurses at the fertility clinic knows you by first and last name
4) You give directions to the ultrasound room to new infertiles
5) You can tell the doctor your temperature to the exact decimal point
6) You told the ultrasound technician your follicle size and uterine lining before she told you
7) You refer to a Monday as a ‘Day 3′
8)You refuse to purchase tampons or pads until it’s too late (another pair of ruined underwear!)
9) You’re thinking of dressing up like a test tube or the Octomom for Halloween
10) You refuse to go into a hot tube in fear of hard boiling any eggs

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6 Responses to “#867 You know you’re infertile when…”

  1. Ariha says:

    The last one was really hilarious,
    but I can suggest a few more.

    1)Getting upset when you see your period.
    2)Hearing the news of anyone become pregnant even in movies or tv shows upsets you.
    3)Looking at everyone's tummy from young to old and if they have a slight bulge you start to ponder if they are pregnant.
    4)Looking at an obviously pregnant woman and expressing feelings of disgust.
    I can just go on an on..

  2. finding_ac says:

    i like the vagina semen one, cause i almost forget sometimes that it is not regular verbage, and people shudder when i say it out loud. woopsie!

    get in touch with your bodies, people!!

    ♥ ac

  3. Emily says:

    Or how about…

    "You've had more people between your legs than Jenna Jamison"

  4. Anonymous says:

    I can't count the number of times I've needed to know the date or date of the week, and all I can think of is what cycle day it is.

  5. Kellie says:

    Or what about…

    "You're actually looking forward to dealing with morning sickness, swollen ankles and even labor."

  6. Julia says:

    The best was when my whole family, including my 90 year old grandmother were all sitting around the dinner table talking about my husband’s sperm. Yes. That’s where we are.

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