Sep 01

“No sweetheart, I can’t afford to buy you a new pair of socks.”

You spent thousands of dollars towards fertility procedures, so what happens when your children actually arrive? You have no extra money to spend on them. You get excited when you find an old crib on the street. So what if there are a few mice in the mattress? You’ll clean it up. Your friends might have those fancy strollers but you are more than happy to push a one wheel stroller. After all, it only cost you 50 cents at that garage sale. And thank goodness for hand me down clothes, second hand burp clothes and recalled toys! You are overjoyed to take any free “product recalled” toys from your local garbage can.

As your children grow, they will learn the importance of life without TV, books, video games or a computer. They will do all their learning outdoors with your grandmother’s childhood skipping rope and half inflated ball (thanks for keeping that, dad!). Do your kids really need braces? Problem solved. Thanks to your old mouth retainer. It’s still in great shape! And who needs all these fattening foods when your kids will enjoy home grown fruits and veggies! And why go out on the weekends? Your kids Saturday nights will consist of chatting with mom and dad – both a fun and free activity!

No cell phones, no texting, no video games. Not a bad childhood.


9 Responses to “#903 You are too poor to afford children. Thank you fertility treatments!”

  1. [lynne] says:

    is this not the truth! im only going into my 2nd round; but can only imagine what has been invested by so many others. it boggles my mind that this is so exspensive…& all the deadbeats out there who get neglect their children, pay 0. but, im not too question. love your blog!!

  2. Amaprincess says:

    You forgot the part where we are living in a slum of cardboard box houses with the other infertiles. Lol!

  3. Rebecca says:

    LOL. I was thinking this the other day — save for our child's education or save to try to have a child… If we have kids we need the money for their education. But, if we don't use the money now, there won't be kids to get an education. But, if we have kids, we'll need the money… A vicious cycle.

  4. finding_ac says:

    have your kids use your old retainer instead of having to buy braces—that was good…that was darn good! lol. and its even worse when your hubby is the money police and he is like "well the progesterone test was another 80 dollars- you only have XXXX amount of dollars before we run out and you are SOL" thanks insincere hubby, thanks alot.

    ♥ ac

  5. Kelli says:

    LMAO….seriously. Everyone says that you're never really financially "ready" to have a baby. They most certainly must have been talking about infertile couples!

  6. Mrs Emilee says:

    Lol, love it!

  7. Rach says:

    You should turn this blog into a book and your children will be set for life!

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