Sep 14

Don’t say the “A” word in front of you. You are not ready to hear it.

There are those of you who have chosen adoption as your first choice, and others who have decided to adopt based on circumstances. Then there are the rest who can’t yet bring themselves to even think about adoption. You believe that adoption is a wonderful thing but not sure if it’s right for you. You may believe that discussing adoption is like giving up the idea of ever becoming pregnant. You may feel open to adoption but can’t really think about exploring it just yet. Now, the mere reference to it gets your blood boiling.

“Our neighbors just adopted.” Your friend might say. Good for your neighbors.
“Have you ever considered adoption?” Your cousin might ask. No. You’ve thought about it but haven’t actually discussed it with your partner.

You are willing to adopt a pet, adapt to a new job, adept to a new skill, ad opt(ions) to your fertility drugs. But adoption? You are still not there yet.

Just remember adopting a child and stealing a baby are two very different things.

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11 Responses to “#895 Adopt is not just a 5 letter word”

  1. callmemama says:

    Haha, stealing a baby. As if I'd ever….do….that…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good luck on the blog award. I will vote for you. well deserved.

  3. Another Dreamer says:

    Best wishes on the award :)I voted.

    LOL about the stealing a baby part.

  4. InfertileNaomi says:

    Thanks for the votes. This award could be my parents only grandchild. Same thing, right?

  5. Guera! says:

    Don't you just love the question "Why don't you just adopt?!" Geez, really Einstein? Never thought of that. I am sure there's a grocery store on the corner where I can pick up a kid as easily as you asked that questions.

  6. Lady Caillean says:

    Love your blog! And voted!!

  7. finding_ac says:

    you are always so good at using plays on words..

    ♥ ac

  8. still_inconceivable says:

    Don't you love how the fertile world sees adoption as the "cure" for infertility? "Have you ever considered adoption? My friend cousin's boyfriend's sister just adopted and now she's pregnant!" Gee, how nice for her!

  9. Tara dS says:

    My husband and I are adopting and it is almost as frustrating and heartbreaking as infertility was. Everyone seems to think adoption is so darn easy, like there is a baby store down the street and you can just run down there and pick one out. If anything, adoption is WORSE than TTC. At least with TTC you can try every 28 days or so, rather than just waiting helplessly.

  10. Catharine says:

    Ok. Ok here is my rant. In Ontario, Canada, birth control is free. Condoms, cheap and EVERYWHERE. Abortions, like the Pill, are covered by the.provincial government, so essentially free. But unless you have private insurance or one of those unheard of benefits packages that has fertility coverage, everything EVERYTHING right down to Femara is out of pocket. And damn expensive. Just adopt? Okay well here ivf is about $10,000 and adoption can cost $25,000. On top of that,.the bio mom still has six MONTHS to change her mind and take the child back. All nice and legal too.

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