Sep 16

You are the type of person who has a bunch of reminder sticky notes laying around your house.

In your car – Remember to buy roast chicken for dinner.
In your office - Call doctor’s clinic before 3pm.
By your bed - Dentist appointment in the morning.

Your appointment at the fertility clinic is no different. At each appointment, you come armed with a list of questions either on paper (or in your head and you hope to remember). You spend at least 30 minutes thinking of these questions and you keep adding to the list before the appointment. Your time with the RE is limited, and you want to make sure that every question is asked and accounted for.

Question #1: Have we completed all the necessary blood work and tests?
#2: Can I take a bath after an IUI?
#3: Will other medications affect my fertility drugs?
#4: How will I know if my cycle will be canceled?
#5: Is there are other treatments we can try?

This is the time to ask all your questions. No question is too embarrassing or too stupid.

#6: Would you be willing to take blackmail in exchange for an IVF procedure?
#7: Do you provide coffee and snacks during an IUI?
#8: Can I give my fertility medication to children?
#9: Will handcuffing me to the bed affect my fertility?
#10: Do you think my nipples look darker?

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9 Responses to “#893 The list of questions for your RE”

  1. Busted Tube says:

    I keep my list in my phone and I also make note there of results like progesterone levels and such so that I can refer back to them while asking questions…

  2. Andrea Buchanan says:

    I wrote a book called Note to Self
    So I am very familiar with the sticky notes. Notes as reminders to ask questions, but also notes to remind ourselves that life is going to work out. God willing. Check it out. I also blog about Infertility. I love your blog.
    You forgot to ask can you drink wine with dinner? Oh right, that's my question.

  3. InfertileNaomi says:

    Andrea- I already know the answer – can you drink wine with dinner? absolutely YES!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The real question is can you drink wine with breakfast?

  5. ally says:

    loving your blog, you make going into my 3rd IVF cycle that much easier. Thanks for the humour and smiles that you've put on my face!

  6. Shanny says:

    I need to find out how long you have to hold in your pee after an IUI/IVF… is it really necessary? heehee

    PS. Left you an Award!

  7. Jacksmom says:

    Haha, I love your blog. Just discovered it through IComLeavWe. We're done with our IVF treatments to have another child (our first was an IVF baby), but with our first cycle, I asked (and unfortunately I am not kidding), "Can the embryos fall out?" I wanted to know how carefully I needed to walk, sit, move, etc. Fortunately the answer was no, and of course, I felt like a complete idiot for asking, but things like that do cross our minds sometimes!

  8. Jacksmom says:

    Meant to add, it was IComLeavWe through someone else's site-Fertility Foibles.

  9. Anonymous says:

    #6: Would you be willing to take blackmail in exchange for an IVF procedure