Aug 09

Your husband or partner would rather watch an episode of than discuss his fertility issues with his pals.

You have a great network of close friends and family you can lean on but your husband refuses to talk to anyone about his desire to have a child. It’s sad really. When you come home from a disappointing fertility procedure, you cry to your friends while your hubby turns on the television. Your hubby would never consider opening a few beers and talking about his low sperm count to a group of guys.

Imagine if he could actually be open about it during guys night out?

Your Husband: “We just got back from a fertility appointment and it turns out she can’t ovulate. I’m so disappointed because her last period was regular”

Guy Friend 1: “I have a low sperm count and I’ve tried everything.”
Guy Friend 2: “I hear you buddy. I thought my wife was pregnant this month because I had the most wonderful dream about our baby.”
Guy Friend 3: “Did you try having intercourse during her most fertile cycle?”

Strangely, the topic of fertility never comes up during guys night out. They will spend their evening drinking beers, watching sports and perhaps uttering the words ‘vaginal fluid’ or ’swollen breasts’ but in a completely different context.

10 Responses to “#928 Your husband lacks fertility friends”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    SO TRUE! We just found out some not so great news about my hubby's sperm…he gets upset sometimes that I tell my friends…is there any way to encourage him to talk to someone? I want to be the person he leans on and talks to, but doesn't everyone need a friend just to listen???

  2. InfertileNaomi says:

    It would be great if our guys opened up and talked about it, and I'm sure there are support groups out there. In my case, it helps to be more open about infertility and make fun of myself during the process.

    I follow this blog –
    It's written by a husband who spent years trying to conceive and blogged about his journey. They recently had a child through fertility treatments after trying for so long. He is really open and honest about his experience which is rare for a man.

  3. Emily says:

    Hey Naomi,

    Love the blog! So very true and funny. Keep it up…I love reading your blogs: )


  4. ac says:

    yah, that is so true. i hardly can get him to talk to me about it. when i do get pregnant he gets excited at first then shuts down cause he knows i will miscarry. it sucks alot, cause not all of even my friends are as comforting so i feel sometimes i cant even talk to him, cause he refuses to respond to his emotions to me let alone his guy pals…

    ♥ ac

  5. Anonymous says:

    My husband doesn't like talk about it at all, not even with me.

    I don't even have a support group anymore; my two best friends are currently pregnant, and I don't have any other chidless friends who would ever understand. My support system is the internet these days!

    The blog is great– keep it up!

  6. InfertileNaomi says:

    anonymous- you can have us as your support network. We're all childless or dealing with secondary infertility! What a group of great gals!

  7. junebug says:

    LMAO! My husband does not want anyone to know any of the stuff he has had to do. Gordon Ram*sey actually talked about his low sperm count on The F*word with another guy and I saved it so I could watch it with my hubby just to see his reaction. He made no comments. :-)

  8. Jenny H. says:

    my husband surprised me when he told me he's discussed some of our problems with coworkers!…usually it's pulling teeth to get him to talk about it with me.

    He's also lucky enough to have a friend since he was 5 years old who is very comfortable discussing these things with him…but of course only when we are the two couples together…I doubt the boys are talking about it on the golf course lol

  9. KarenSimpson says:

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