Aug 10

You might be sitting at the same party but the fertile (aka ‘mom’) and infertile (aka ‘you’) women won’t understand each other.

You might as well be speaking two different languages.

  • The fertile discusses her lactation fluid, you chat about cervical fluid.
  • The fertile complains about nursing at 3am, you nurse a hangover in the middle of the night.
  • The fertile talks about the latest strollers, you talk about your latest mis Carriage.
  • The fertile talks about baby acne, you discuss fertility drug-induced acne.
  • The fertile makes a splendid recipe with basil, you just took your basal temperature.
  • The fertile talks about artificial baby food, you know about artificial insemination.
  • The fertile is all about the baby gate, you’re about the surrogate.
  • The fertile chats about poopie diapers, you talk about urine tests.
  • The fertile talks about drinking from a dixie cup, you just pee in one.

At your next party, when the fertile whines about being pregnant, just drink more wine.

8 Responses to “#925 Your fertile friends speak a different language”

  1. Nosaby says:

    I just found this blog and it is perfect. Are you going to keep it up once you reach #999? I have a lot of catching up to do in the meantime….

  2. Shannon says:

    Seriously so true!! I love it!

  3. Eileen says:

    LOVE this one!

  4. liberalgranolagirl says:

    LOL' so freakin' true!

  5. BB says:

    Your posts make my day! They are so real! :P

  6. InfertileNaomi says:

    My posts only make your day?? Oh darn. I wish it made your life as well. Can't win them all.

  7. finding_ac says:

    good play on words…except i think most infertiles have to play both sides of the fence. I know that i know more about both sides than most moms do, i got to know the prebaby and the baby. i could tell you all about the eddie bauer line of or any baby thing for that matter and i also could tell you all about trigger shots

    ♥ ac

  8. hopefaithlove says:

    I hate when people complain that they are pregnant, they have no clue how lucky they are!