Aug 19

You sincerely hope that your fertility doctor does not have caller ID.

Whether you are cycle monitoring or trying a drug-less fertility treatment, booking that fertility appointment is absolutely critical. You only have a limited time frame to find out the necessary information and meet with your doctor.


You have already called the office 4 times today and left 1 message but no one has called you back. Your heart races; your anxiety increases. How are you supposed to relax when the darn clinic doesn’t call you back? You check the telephone for a dial tone. Yup, nothing’s wrong with the phone. You call again. “Hi, it’s me again. Call me back. You know the number.”

You might try to rationalize that you still have 5 more days to book the appointment. Plenty of time, right? NOPE! What if the doctor can’t see me? What if I miss a cycle? What if I have already ovulated? God help you, if the fertility doctor goes on vacation. How dare the office close during the holidays! How dare the fertility doctor take a break! Our pregnancy depends on that office being open 7 days a week.

Time to call back or better yet, take a short visit to the clinic and hope you are not escorted out by security.

8 Responses to “#916 Stalking your fertility doctor”

  1. Mrs.G says:

    This is exactly what I go through (and JUST went through this week!) every cycle! My doctor was making me nervous because he's always "out of the office" and he wanted me to do an IUI with no ultrasound because the clinic isn't open on the weekends!

    He's given me his home number but I've only called it once and he wasn't even home.

  2. Shanny says:

    You are seriously funny!

  3. babyhopes says:

    We are still in the testing phase at the RE's, but I just kind of did this to schedule an appointment for my husband's SA. I called and left a message, and waited a whole 24 hours before calling again. I called and got the same voicemail that the person would be out of the office for the rest of the day. So I called the scheduling desk again (they forwarded me to the SA desk) and told them what happened, so they took a message. This time I only waited a couple hours before trying again, and this time used the pager number from the voicemail. Within 20 minutes, I got a call back, and set up the appointment. The message didn't say it had to be an emergency; it just said "if you need to talk to me right away…" which I did! My husband works nights, so I get to be the one to call for the appointments since office hours are during his sleep time.

  4. Laura says:

    Just do what I do – use Caller ID Block by putting *67 in front of the phone number – works like a charm! :-)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Oh my gosh I just found this blog and am loving it!
    No joke i called my dr's office 5 times in 20 minutes with no one answering the phone. I finally called back on my cel phone and got an answer. By this point in time I forgot what I was calling about.
    So glad to know I'm not the only lunatic out there.

  6. finding_ac says:

    i saw the doc in the grocery store and it was so weird, my hubbs kept watching him and seeing what kind of food he was getting, and tried to get me to go say hi- as if!! the office doesnt even have to know his name when he calls cause they recognize his voice- how is that for stalking?!

    ♥ ac

  7. Jeanne says:


    It is terribly unfortunate that medical offices make it so difficult on patients. I'm so sorry. It's great that you manage to maintain a sense of humor about things, though.


  8. Stephanie says:

    Luckily, my RE is in the office 7 days a week :)