Jul 01

It’s your anniversary only you will remember. You have been trying to conceive now for one year or two years or more and it’s coming up to the date when you first started trying for your baby. You might not remember the exact date but you know the month.

Happy Anniversary?

When you were boyfriend and girlfriend, your anniversary was a big deal. You received some earrings and were taken out for a romantic dinner. For your wedding anniversary, your husband spoiled you with a vacation or a nice evening out. Now, you are coming up to your other anniversary – your TTC anniversary. During your first TTC anniversary, you sadly mentioned it to your husband, but you received no jewelry, just a pity kiss on the cheek with your husband telling you not to worry it “hasn’t been that long.” That year you “celebrated” by booking your first fertility appointment.

But now you are reaching your second or third or fourth or tenth (gulp! don’t let that be me, you think to yourself) year. How are you going to celebrate since no one is going to remember but you?

Here are some suggestions. Start the day by sending yourself flowers or chocolates directly to your office than decorate your cubicle with balloons. Your co-workers will definitely crowd around and you can proudly say that you are celebrating your anniversary. It is not necessary to say which anniversary. Maybe you can get one of them to take you out for lunch to continue the celebrations! Next, buy yourself something pretty on your way home. Then pick up your favorite foods for dinner and the largest and most fattening piece of chocolate cake you can find. After dinner, light candles and take a bath (but do NOT read any infertility books in the bathtub this time). Enjoy your day and think about how next year at this time you will hopefully be pregnant.

6 Responses to “#961 How do you "celebrate" your two year TTC anniversary?”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    ah! the infamous pity kiss from DH…gotta love him! why is it so easy for them to brush off the fact that it truly has been a long time since we first started trying? here's hoping the flowers sent next year are in celebration of a new addition to the family!!

  2. Mandy says:

    Haha… I celebrated by going to Disneyland and eating at the most expensive restaurant there! That was because, of course, it was our second wedding anniversary… how time flies and drags simultaneously when you're trying to both enjoy being married while you still can and conceive while you're still convinced you can. So bittersweet but thanks for making me laugh about it!

  3. jill says:

    love the buying yourself something pretty part. i find that doing that will help with most ailments. hope the next anniversary is much better!

  4. Anonymous says:

    July 1st is ironically the 5th anniversary of the day I met my husband. We have been TTC for 1 year this month. Went to the MD b/c I was losing my insurance and found out I have PCOS (even though have been getting my visit from AF every month @ around the same time and am not obese and workout a lot)… Now on metformin. Tried clomid this last month & HCG trigger shot & got the scans which showed a follicle growing but still got a visit from AF today of all days. Ordered the ov-watch since I no longer have insurance to do scans every month. Unfortunately, I ordered it too late and will have to wait until next month to try using it. Nice to see others with the same problem. Found your blog through facebook. How do you guys cope with friends and family who constantly ask you when you're having kids?

  5. Infertile "hoping to be fertile" Naomi says:

    I find the best way to cope with people who constantly ask is to either tell them the truth or smile politely and say "hopefully soon." You have to remember that (most) people probably don't mean to be insensitive, they probably don't realize. How many times did I innocently ask someone "when are you having a baby?" before I started trying. I cringe about it now…

  6. Anonymous says:

    My anniversary is the birthday of my best friends' kid, May 14, 2006. She was born in another country, so I hadn't even seen her, but I had loved her ever since I heard about her. I knitted her a little butter yellow cotton hat. When I heard the news of her birth I thought, health insurance be damned, let's start trying now. Good friends are hard to find, and we should increase the odds for little Mary. How was I to know for her next 3 birthdays I'd be choking back the tears. Sorry to let you down, Mary.