Jul 25

You’ve heard many of your girlfriends say that their husbands or partners ‘just knew’ they were pregnant before they did.

Why doesn’t this work for you?

On more than one occasion your DH has been convinced you were pregnant. He would wake up in the morning and tell you about this wonderful dream he had about your baby. Other times, he would take a look at you and say that you looked different that day, almost like you had a maternal glow. Those simple words made your day, and you were convinced that your husband knew something you didn’t. Once your hubby even placed his hand on your belly and thought that he felt a different type of ‘energy or heat’ that couldn’t be explained. Well, you must have been pregnant. Right? But the next day he couldn’t feel the ‘energy’ anymore. You were in a bad mood all day. Those simple words from DH can change your mood in an instant. You can go from feeling absolutely depressed to being convinced that you are a new mother-to-be.

Maybe other husbands/partners just ‘know’ but next time yours thinks something might be different, tell him to be 100 percent sure before telling you.

After all, he will suffer the severe moody consequences.

4 Responses to “#941 Your husband is no pregnancy fortune teller”

  1. finding_ac says:

    i like this cause it makes me def feel less crazy when the hubby gets in on the "wish the baby into exhistance" actions. I think that sometimes they want a baby so bad too, even if they dont express it as openly as we women do, that thier minds play the tricks on them like they do to us.

    its a cure for when we are feeling like it will never happen for us, and its a curse for when they agg us on.


    ♥ ac

  2. Jenny H. says:

    Yes, I've definitely had this happen…usually he'll say something that in his head meant nothing to do with pregnancy but that I will interpret that way!

    I've got one for you…how about the fact that we hide a special "pee cup" in our bathroom! ;)

  3. InfertileNaomi says:

    How come everyone else's husbands were always right. Mine sure isn't!

  4. Janae says:

    AF was about a week late shortly after my honey and I started TTC. I refused to take a HPT as I didn't "feel" prego…For those few days my honey would rub my belly with this huge smile on his face…It broke my heart to tell him AF arrived but not as much as my heart broke when I seen her arrival! IT SUCKS!!!

    And I totally had to laugh at Jenny H! I totally have a "pee cup" in our bathroom! "Normal" people have make-up in their bathroom vanity drawers. Not me! I have a whole drawer dedicated to my "prego" items! ha ha!