Jul 28

A true infertile knows how to spell Endometriosis without having to google it first.

Does this sound like you?

You can spell Endometriosis with your eyes closed and you refer to your PCOS by its full name ‘Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.’ You know exactly what a varicocele is and you know that your husband has ‘male tube blockages’ rather than just plain old low sperm count.

You are convinced that people think you sound fancy or extremely intelligent when you use these large words. At parties, people assume you are a doctor when you discuss your latest Sonohysterography. “Oh my” You will laugh, “the nurse just saw a splendid image of my uterine cavity with her 5-f catheter.” You will soon be known in your circle of friends as bookish, sophisticated and knowledgeable. “My diagnostic laparoscopy was a whirlwind yesterday. ” You might say. “And those inquisitive fibroids presented no damage to my blocked fallopian tubes.” (Using a British accent is recommended).

Just think of all the new social groups that will beg you to join their elite circles!

You are one fabulous ‘polycystic ovary syndrome – premature ovulation failure – hyperprolactinemia – hormonal imbalanced’ female!

5 Responses to “#938 You are an Endometriosis Diva”

  1. Low Fat Lady says:

    Just found your blog yesterday and love it. Thanks for the humor :)

  2. FertilAid Amy says:

    I love this- very true.
    -Barbara w/ Fairhavenhealth.com

  3. finding_ac says:

    yea, i never refer to pcos as the acronym in real life…i actually just skip to saying the whole thing as well as explaining what the disorder is. I am usually looked at as the "intelligent one" in my group anyways…so it is my nature to know everything about the things i am talking about or bs my way through things i dont with fancy words. It is, however, very annoying when you know more than your doctors do about your diagnosis.

    ♥ ac

  4. Jenny H. says:

    ignorance is bliss…that's why us infertile women are so depressed!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I actually keep up with my cousin's bf who is a gynocologist and for the most part we both talk in medical lingo!