May 21

We all do it each morning.

You get out of bed and sit on the toilet while taking your basal temperature. The directions say that the best time to take your temperature is first thing in the morning before any activity. You now know your temperature to the exact decimal. It’s sad really.

You know you’ve ovulated but you continue to take your temperature each morning. You feel so elated when you see your temperature spike; and when it begins to drop, that’s when you do whatever it takes: it’s time to trick the thermometer!

You might try to take your temperature at different times of the day when you know your temperature will be elevated. You take it after a bath, after a workout, or stepping out of the shower. In the morning, you may just decide to take your temperature and pee at the same time. Congratulations! Your temperature is elevated!

You may even decide to remove the thermometer from your mouth when you notice things aren’t going your way. The thermometer seems to be increasing too slowly which means your temp is dropping. Remove the thermometer now and keep your sanity! Do yourself a favor and stop taking your temperature each morning. You should know by now when you ovulate (or don’t ovulate).

That pink thermometer won’t get you pregnant so go stick something else in your mouth.

One Response to “#984 You try to trick the basal thermometer”

  1. Rach says:

    Or how about pressing your tougne down so hard it hurts hoping to get an extra couple tenths, LOL!!