Jan 31

Not a parent yet? Longing to be a mommy or a daddy? At least you will be a better parent than New York City school employee Joan Barnett.

A true article from Time Magazine

School Employee Fakes Child’s Death for Vacation Days

“In March 2010, New York City school employee Joan Barnett decided she wanted to extend her spring break in Costa Rica. A simple solution presented itself: fake her daughter’s death…Barnett, a parent coordinator at the Manhattan High School of Hospitality Management, had one of her daughters contact the school and explain that her sister had suffered a fatal heart attack in Costa Rica. Naturally, then, Barnett would be forced to hop on a plane and attend the funeral…She even faxed a forged death certificate to her employer, as required if a city school employee requests time off for bereavement. But school officials grew wary, eventually contacting city investigators who determined that the certificate’s identification numbers linked to a man who had died in 2005. When confronted, Barnett continued to uphold the elaborate ruse, even presenting a new death certificate altogether. Barnett was later fired from her job and charged with a misdemeanour.

Joan Barnett’s daughter either thinks she has the coolest mom in the world or hopes that her life will be made into a TV movie. “Thanks for faking my death mom. Now, give me a raise in my allowance or I’ll call the police.”

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9 Responses to “#633 And Parent of the Year goes to…”

  1. says:

    Good gravy. Just take a vacation day–scratch that—I think she should have taken a mental health day instead.

    I like to award people “mother of the year” awards in my head, also. Like the woman next to me in traffic today that was texting and smoking while driving, with three children in the backseat. The kids were not wearing seatbelts and two of them had mowhawks. Congratulations, you are so deserving of this award!

  2. jak says:

    good gravy! that’s awful. poor kid, having a heart attack at such a young age (j/k).

    i give my husband’s x sarcastic mom of the year awards (mentally) all the time. my fav recent one was when my oldest step-kid rear-ended someone (likely texting!) and step-kid’s wimpy insurance wouldnt cover it. Step-kid’s mom (mom of the year!) offered to pay for the thousands of dollars in damages and then got upset (in tears, literally) when the oldest said, ‘no, you are not paying, this is my responsibility and i’m going to pay’. (good thing for my step-kids they have such a great dad or they wouldnt have made it past 10 years old.).

  3. msfertility says:

    Damn it! There goes my idea for a children’s book!

  4. says:

    This is hilarious and disturbing all at the same time!

  5. Alexandra's mum says:

    LOL….welcome to my life as a school psychologist. Unfortunately, that type of behavior from some parents would not be atypical. I’ve heard it all (at least that’s what I think until I hear something else even crazier). Some funny stuff, some heartbreaking stuff. People are crazy! Sometimes laughing is the only solution :)

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