May 29

Somewhere along the way, someone told you that you had to be ashamed of infertility.

Somehow it became deemed not okay to discuss our fertility struggles in public as it might make others uncomfortable. Somehow, you were told that you should be embarrassed if you cannot conceive on the first attempt. No one told you that there are millions of women out there like you and that you don’t have to feel so alone.

You might feel that your new ‘online fertility friends’ know more about your problems than your real friends. You might have one or two close friends who actually know what you are going through but the majority of your relatives and friends, have no idea. You visit this site and other fertility sites quite often and you post comments using fake names like “Fertility Groupie,” “IVFer,” “WishingforBaby” or “TTC Gal.” Some of you refuse to post comments in fear that someone you know will recognize you so you try to appear anonymous as possible.

You would never even consider putting a real picture of yourself (I can relate to that) because that would be unheard of. You are very impressed when others use their real names and pictures of themselves, broadcasting to the online world about their infertile problems. Personally, I am not at that stage but I am so impressed by those who have the courage, and not the fear, to share their struggles openly and honestly. The good news is that if you do want to comment on my blog, you can always comment as anonymous or just use a fake name. If you do decide to use a fake name, make sure it’s creative and fun!

Some great alias’ might include:
- ‘Toilet Paper Examiner’
- ‘Swollen Breasts Girl’
- ‘Metalic Taste Gal’
- ‘IVF Virgin’
- ‘PCOSex’
- ‘Imagine-your-Name-was-Actually-Aunt-Flow’
- ‘High on (folic) Acid’
- ‘Wishing-for-Morning-Sickness-Girl’
- ‘Clomid-User’

Hey anonymous- What’s your best fake name?

4 Responses to “#978 You come to fertility sites using an alias”

  1. rachscott says:

    When I do use an alias, I go by the Barren Bride, or Infertile Myrtle.

  2. infertileNaomi says:

    Good name! My husband has also asked to be referred to as 'sperm-less J' (his idea, not mine).

  3. Jenny H. says:

    As an infertile woman dealing with endometriosis I always feel it's important to be open and honest about it…which is why I started to blog about my fertility struggles too.

  4. Lizette says:

    Soggy-Crotch-Queen when in the 2ww or Hormone-Junkie when on fertility meds. Although I could easily adopt one of the alias’ suggested. LOL.