Feb 07

Michelle Duggar and her 75 children

Alanis Morissette had one of those urban legend surprise pregnancies. Nicole Kidman had a surrogate. Mariah Carey is having twins but the couple won’t admit to having done fertility. Michelle Duggar from 19 Kids and Counting might try an IUI if she doesn’t get pregnant with baby #30.

And despite celebrity pregnancy rumors, Suri Cruise is definitely NOT pregnant.

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9 Responses to “#683 This Week in Celebrity Infertility News…”

  1. says:

    For the life of me I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t admit to having fertility treatment…I know there is always a chance Mimi conceived those twins naturally, but I doubt it.

  2. says:

    Why does that photo look like a bad episode of Little House On The Prairie?!

    Did they even do IUIs back then?

  3. you forgot kelly preston and john travolta and their “miracle” baby….right….at 48 she conceived naturally? HA! they do have a right to their privacy but at the same time it hurts all of us infertiles when celebrities could really promote infertility and the expense of what we go through (mentally AND financially). maybe if it was in the public’s face more we’d get more support from insurance companies. NOW i have people saying to me “hey, look at kelly preston, she got pregnant at 48 – you still have 6 years left – don’t sweat it!”….GAH!

  4. (clearly i didn’t read the Celebrity Fertility Column before i went on my rant about mr. & mrs. travolta! HA! (sorry, follistim, menopur & estrace triggered irrationality this week…) :-))

  5. Alexandra's mum says:

    Don’t forget about JLo who supposedly denied using fertility treatments to conceive her twins (and she’s getting up there in age)! Oh yeah…and then went on to bash IVF. Ugh…not a big fan of hers! I agree with everyone…if people were more open about their struggles, infertility wouldn’t be such a taboo subject…

  6. says:

    Did anyone else notice their hair is all parted on the same side, except for 1 of the boys?
    And that’s an old picture… They do dress differently now! Still very modest, but less “frock” and more blue jean skirts and somewhat stylish shirts…
    Hello, my name is NotTheMama, and I’m addicted to reality shows that reflect the total opposite of me in real life! ;)

  7. says:

    You are an inspiration. I love the humor, layered on top of so many other things.

    My wife was a fan while we went through our long odyssey and I believe reading “999″ helped her maintain her center (as best as she could). Now I am a fan as well.

    Best always,

  8. Sherry says:

    I find it slightly amusing/painful that I can not conceive yet my husbands cousin’s are the Duggar’s….yes really.

  9. Catharine says:

    Lol.. Im addicted to shows that are the opposite of me, too! Hence my love of Teen Mom and Jersey Shore! JLo bashed IVF? I never knew that, she seemed like a very accepting non-judgemental woman, being that she’s “from the block”, she wouldnt wasnt tio be judged. So many people say they wouldnt wish IF on their worst enemy, but in cases where ppl judge,infertiles, I wish they could just have one year…. Just one… To kmow what we have to go through.