Aug 30

Congratulations to Suzie, the 56 year old chimpanzee for getting pregnant so quickly. “The zoo director said Suzie was taken off birth control because of medical concerns – and because zoo officials didn’t think she would get pregnant at her age.”

Wait. A 56 year old chimp goes off birth control and gets pregnant right away? She’s a little hairy. Shouldn’t she have PCOS or something? Yup. Still  jealous of a pregnant chimp.

Suzie and her newborn baby who we have already named “What the F$#K”

10 Responses to “#723 You are Jealous of a Pregnant 56 year old Chimpanzee”

  1. the misfit says:

    Uh…what’s the average onset age of menopause in chimpanzees? Never mind, I don’t want to know.

  2. says:

    Lucky B$%*#. LOL!!

  3. I love it. It’s so important to laugh at this

    I have a blog called thatonebasket: Adventures in Infertility and TTC – Personal Stories of a Professional Counselor. I’d love to see what you think and have you visit. Would it be ok to have a link to your blog for my readers?

  4. cherbear says:

    LMAO!!! I almost spit out my water when you said “shouldn’t she have PCOS or something?”

    So…I can’t figure out how to follow your blog?? I click the little Follow Me thing on the left, but then it doesn’t let me do anything. I think I need some guidance. LOL

  5. Dena says:

    This just made me LOL!! I have PCOS and a big, hairy chimpanzee is a great way to describe it! Thanks for the laugh =)

  6. Busted Kate says:

    BAHahahahahaha!! My husband told me about this, and I said “There’s no way thats possible… it must be like 56 in monkey-years”. And he said “I don’t think there are monkey-years, I think it’s just regular years.” And I said “what a dirty tramp! Where the hell does she get off? Well… apparently it’s at the zoo.” I hope her kid comes out looking like a gorilla or something, and all the other animals talk behind her back.

  7. Sass says:


    Do you think the other chimps were outraged?

    New low for me…being jealous of a chimp and all.


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