May 12

Dear Coffee,

I love you.  I’m so sorry we keep breaking up and then getting back together again month after month. The internet and fertility books advise me to limit your presence in my life but I still pine for you so much. One month, I will give you the silent treatment, refusing to even say hello to you in the morning. Another month, I will attempt to limit you and even (gasp!) cheat on you with your not so good-looking decaffeinated half cousin.

During the months I get a negative pregnancy test or Aunt Flow waves hello in my underpants, I return to you quickly. Embracing our previous relationship with cups and cups of caffeine lovin’. Then, the next moment, I may leave you again, running off with your tasteless nemesis -  tealatte, teappuccino or even a teamericano. But they just leave a bad after taste. I know it’s okay to see you in moderation but most days I make up my own fertility diet rules and have no idea what or what not to eat. I want you bad. Screw you fertility diet. Screw you!

I am forever your coffee lover.


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9 Responses to “#761 We miss you, coffee”

  1. teyy says:

    so true!!! LOL!

  2. Impatient says:

    Know the feeling! I have a new relationship with nettle tea, acupuncturist recommended it, I thought I didn’t like it but it’s palatable…

  3. says:

    LOL seriously.

  4. tjmitzi says:

    I have a coffee when I’m feeling rebellious – No More Diets! No More Restrictions! No More Counting! No More Calculating! No More Waiting!!!
    I convince myself that it’s over and I can have my life back… but it only lasts an hour or two…

  5. says:

    I have only just discovered you (I mean JUST) and that is soooooo true – I have the same up and down relationship with my secret lover… then I found out my substitute was doing more damage than the real thing. Crazy!

    Grace xx

    ps. I’ve been blogging for 3 months about my journey to 40 and I’ve only just started talking about my POF diagnosis (which was a decade ago). Today I wrote about the 5 stages of grieving and the third stage is ‘Bargaining’ when you start making deals i.e. “I’ll pray every day, I’ll fast, I’ll eat well, exercise, do yoga, meditate, take my medicine, I’ll stop drinking caffeine and wine, no more wheat, no more dairy, no more sugar, or salt, no more gluten, I’ll only eat low GI foods, I’ll juice every day, I’ll even do a coffee enema every day – I WILL DO IT ALL (and I’ve done it all) if you could just please, please, PLEEEEEEAAAASE let my body work so I can have a baby!”

    If you’re interested in reading the entire post, here’s the link:

  6. says:

    so funny and so true!

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